Monday 6 October 2014

This is a really boring blog post

Oh my dear blog, I've missed you. Your beautiful blank pages just waiting to be filled with my humble witterings; your teasing comment box luring a reader or two in; your dusty old archives testimony that you were once a more regular haunt of mine.

But the boring stuff has got in the way. Well I say boring but...

Is a 20ft dinosaur boring?

When was a toffee fudge sundae ever boring?

In no way can autumn ever be called dull?

A cup of tea is only boring when you don't have time to savour every last drop.

Grandma's new flat is only a minute's walk from our house compared to the boring hour drive we used to have.

Golden hour. Never boring.

Nope, not ever.

Can't even take a boring selfie without someone making it more 'interesting'.

This post is an attempt to catch up with my 365project. I have taken a photo a day but have saved you from the truly boring episodes. 

So boring life, take a back seat please, and let me have some blogging fun!

Sunday 14 September 2014

Double Helping of Busy

The first photo of the week Is a pretty accurate summary of how the last 2 weeks have shaped up: all grace and calm on the surface, a considered preening of feathers, and an occasional flick of the head indicating impatience. Beneath the surface there is enough paddling to stir up a whirlpool if conditions allow.

Busy brain, busy life, busy roads. A new school year, a new BTEC course, and a new kidney. 

Family outing to a new place. Lovely, peaceful and sunny. Soak up the calm.

Do I look like an alien? I really should unsubscribe from Bored Panda.

That chilled out pair were far from chilled out. *leaves scene of devastation at restaurant*.

Higher. Faster. Now. Don't stop. More.

The Wee One. My baby. All smart, confident and still cheeky.

This mosaic is in Addenbrooks Hospital where my Dad just got a new kidney. 

There will now follow a pause where I should have posted last weeks' 365.

Mr Frog is becoming a local celebrity.

Through the windscreen: 8 hours, 300 miles and a tired chauffeur but Mum got to see Dad so it was worth it.

The simplest things can give so much pleasure. Feather treasure!

*€<{{^*¥! Stubbed toe. Sorry for myself.

This bug needs lessons on mascara application. Clumping.

Poor Misty Moo. Trying to shoehorn a walk for her into the busy schedule!

After school footie with Dad makes for a happy Big One!

The Wee One likes to help me in the kitchen. Sitting on the work top and swinging his legs doesn't quite add up to help though :-)

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Sunday 31 August 2014

Is it nearly Christmas yet?

and other questions I've been asked this week.

Q. Mummy, can we buy one?

The Wee One takes a shine to a Ferrari - Fivegoblogging

A. Yes, as long as it fits in your pocket.

Q. Can I have a sweetie now?

Five go to the cinema - Fivegoblogging

A. You can have one after we've bought some.

Q. Why can't I go to bed at the same time as you?

Brush brush brush - Fivegoblogging

A. Because I need some me time to drink half a bottle of wine and raid your sweetie jar.

Q. Do I look beautiful, mummy?

Who is the fairest of them all? - Fivegoblogging

A. Always, my princess.

Q. Will it be cold, mummy?

Ice Bucket Challenge for MNDA - FiveGoBlogging

A. Not very cold, no. 

Q. Why can't we have that trolley? *points to the 8th trolley back from the end*

Five go shopping - FiveGoBlogging

A. Because you can only put vegetables in that one.

Q. Why don't you sit on the sofa the same way I do?

His favourite spot - FiveGoBlogging

A. Because mummy's bottom is too big.

We have also been preparing Christmas lists. And counting sleeps till Christmas Day. 

Q. Is it time for them to go back to school yet?

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Monday 25 August 2014

Scaling new heights of meh-ness

What's worse? 

The mad frenzied flurry of pre-holiday preparation, where favourite t-shirts are retrieved from under beds and quickly laundered, where you squeeze two weeks of work into one and where websites are scoured looking for in car boredom busting games for a family of 5 travelling for 5 hours?

Or the slump that follows the excited ripping open of holiday boxes of fudge, the laundry bin being consumed by every pair of underpants we possess, and the startling absence of inspiring views and excited children for daily photos. 

No I'm not sure either. 

So I apologise for the meh-ness that is this week's 365 project. 

Last inspiring view from holiday. Where will we go on the meh scale from here? Higher or lower?

I think the Wee One peeling carrots is pretty well at the top of the scale but you never know. Higher or lower?

Lower. Princess snatched a few minutes of fun with the rc car while the boys were distracted. Now, higher or lower?

Higher! This, ladies and gentlemen is an abstract, filter enhanced, bedside lamp shot at 23.57. Yep, new giddy heights. Higher or lower?

Fractionally lower I'd say but only courtesy of a sticking out tongue.

A good deal lower on the meh scale but only because, ironically, the Big One and friend climbed higher.

And to finish off the week, high on the meh scale, a shopping list. The last 5 items were added by the Big One perhaps sensing the general meh-ness and providing a solution.

May all your weeks be meh free!

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Sunday 17 August 2014

Five On Tour

We've been on tour.
Well technically a tour would suggest multiple locations so perhaps the hashtag I chose to use on Instagram wasn't very well thought out. But #fiveonholiday doesn't have the same cache as #fiveontour so I repeat, we've been on tour.

Wales was our location of choice, specifically Porthmadog in the North West and overlooking the Snowdonia National Park. Can I just say, "Stunning scenery!" 

But can I also just say, "Changeable weather!"

There was bonding over crabbing in the harbour, and a sunset BBQ with friends. That sand gets very cold once the sun goes down, but standing on the spot where the BBQ fizzled out is a lovely way to warm the toes. Top tip right there. 

Beaches played a key role as did the rocks over which the Wee One leapt without a thought for his paranoid mother.

And then we went to a couple more beaches just to be sure we filled the beach quota. And filled the car with sand.

Today I went back to work, Misty Moo was collected from her doggy holidays and all the possible washing machine hours were fully utilised. And we all said what a lovely time we had.

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