Saturday, 19 July 2014

7 illusions and a gracious thank you.

Things are not always as they appear.

This may be a grass seed but in her imagination it is a miniature bunch of flowers.

This may look like a fishtail loomband bracelet but is in fact a double fishtail loomband bracelet (as named by the Big One before we found out it is in fact actually called a double fishtail).

Double fishtail - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a pre-schooler but I think you will find I have graduated.

I graduated - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a beautiful English rose against a perfect summer sky but I am actually poised across your path ready to deploy my razor thorns and strike upon your forehead at any moment.

Thorny rose - Fivegoblogging

I may look intricate and complicated but I can be created by a 6 year old in a matter of minutes.

Bracelet braiding - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a random assortment of scrap metal atop a beaten up car but I am in fact a mobile art installation.

Is it art? - Fivegoblogging

I may look like I am going to kick the ball this way but I will actually be kicking the ball the other way and breaking the drainpipe.

Dummy kick - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a popular blog with my highest ever Tots100 ranking ever but I am in fact a spam-magnet with an occasional hardy reader who I would like to thank graciously.

 *offers thanks graciously*

Please pop along to some much higher ranked bloggers than I including the wonderful The Boy and Me.

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Busy standing still

"So much to do, and so much time to do it in.", said no one ever.

I am in danger of meeting myself coming back and ... I almost missed a photo a day.

It was 11.54pm. I was crawling into bed and I realised that my iPhone camera had lain dormant all day. Rushing here, rushing there, admiring a view on my commute but not a spare moment to stop to capture it. A funny expression caught in my minds eye but not by the lens of a camera. But I remembered, just. Hence a lame photo of books on my bedside table that I am too tired to read. 

I am 6 weeks into a new job and a juggling act. I think my juggling needs more practice! I won't bore you with 3 weeks of photos as I catch up with my 365, but I have chosen my favourites from each week instead.

Chef de BBQ in action pose.

Look Mummy, the ice-cream van!

Beer festival discovery: Mr Squirrel. A fine pint.

Poundland discovery: water absorbing beads = mini crystal ball and the Princess inverted.

All aboard the mini Bourne Bus.

My god-daughter has the longest legs, exaggerated by this swing photo.

Flower Power at the school fair.

I haven't cheated, I haven't slipped off the 365 wagon. I have managed a photo a day which I keep up to date on my 365project account so feel free to have a gander.

I hope I will get back my elusive equilibrium and be a better blogger very soon but in the meantime please pop along to some much better bloggers than I.

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Silent Sunday

Saturday, 21 June 2014

What I Missed

I really wasn't bothered about Britmums this year. I went last year and the year before and loved every minute of it; the opportunity to meet the faces behind the blogs I enjoy, the lessons to take home and apply to my little speck of the web, and the emotion and passion of the speakers.

But this year, I've not had the time or energy to commit to my blog, or to the relationships built through blogging. So missing Britmums wasn't a loss.

Then I started following #britmums on twitter.


I did miss out, didn't I.

Next year...

This week I missed the school picnic for Father's Day but not the family walk.

I missed getting a gorgeous girl shot. 

I missed the bees but caught the lavender.

I missed all photo opportunities so had to make something from nothing with some fun apps.

I missed giving him a goodnight kiss.

I missed the moment and then caught this moment. I don't know why either.

I miss timed how long it would take to crochet the Pom Pom trim at my upcycled lamp shade workshop. Finished now though :-)

And I missed some of my blogging idols. Especially The Boy and Me who inspires me continually to keep going with the 365project.

See you next year!

Join The Boy and Me for more 365'iness. It is a real word. Look it up.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Seven Signs of Summer

Toes are peeking out from sandals, ice is clinking in glasses, sun lotion stains are round the collars of clothes and my sunglasses are on. 

The best bit is I have travelled no further than the distance from my fridge to my garden to experience this lovely burst of summer. Just as well given my passport seems to have expired.

Signs of summer this week have been...

...bubbles in the garden.

... post tea-time fun and games.

... flowers in bloom (not from my garden though).

...skipping, summer dress and socks and sandals.

...sun, sun, sun with a splash of sun.

...summer cub camp. cup fever. 

(That football shirt has no sooner been washed than its on his back again. The boy is obsessed.)

Long may the sun shine and my skin be warmed by its glow (in a non-burning kind of way). It's been far too long since I had brown legs and I rather fancy a change :-)

Join The Boy and Me for more 365'iness. It is a real word. Look it up.

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