Monday 30 May 2011

To-do or not to-do

That is the question.

Should that title have a question mark?
Not sure. Will add it to my to-do list to find out.
In the meantime I do have a few other things on the list that require some attention.
But I have a couple of to-do lists and I'm not sure which list to put what on.

The first list is never ending, always more to put on it even though I mostly manage to cross off a thing or to during a typical day. Top of tomorrows list are the following:
  1. Clean bathroom
  2. Hoover upstairs
  3. Dust bedrooms
  4. Water plants - dependent on rain
  5. Post cards
  6. Finish this note
  7. Entertain kids
The other list is far more interesting and takes up significantly more headspace but rarely gets anything crossed off it. It is my "Achieving this will make me happy" list.
  1. Make things - sewing, crafty stuff, a list within a list of lovely projects that when my studio (not office) gets built (see point 4) will gloriously rise from a pile of hoarded fabric, buttons, paper, cards and ribbon.
  2. Write things - a novel, childrens ryhmes, blog. I will carry a tatty notebook within which rich and elaborate plots will hatch from snippets of conversations and doodles.
  3. Sleep more. Self explanatory really.
  4. Have a studio. It will be a retreat, with a lovely huge comfy reading chair, a library of fiction and home decorating coffee table books, a pin wall with gorgeous things that I will one day make and a huge old cutting table on which piles of fabric and scrapbooks lie invitingly.
  5. Be a retail consultant (successful). A career in retail and a vain belief that I can help small retailers far and wide improve their business. Move over Mary Portas.
  6. Or be a Social Media Consultant. Methinks this is actually me just wanting to write on facebook, twitter, blog blah blah. Can't imagine a career that involves telling people what to write when I just want to talk about me!
So the challenge is to cross off the boring stuff from the first list as quickly as possible so that I have time left to have a crack at something off the second list.

Best crack on then.

PS It's Actually Mummy's fault that I am writing this. Damn her for being a great blogger.

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  1. Hi there from Twitter! The magnet on my fridge says 'My house was clean yesterday sorry you missed it!' I live by that motto in fact, I'd invite you over to my blog for a drink but I can't find any clean glasses. Vix x


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