Wednesday 21 November 2012

Wish upon an Origami Star

Call me a cheapskate but if you can make a cute origami star in 5 minutes from a sheet of newspaper or wrapping paper or a magazine why wouldn't you?

Newspaper print Five Point origami star

These origami five point stars are really simple and after a couple of practice ones *cough* I can knock them out in minutes. I made a garland of them but I'm going to stick 2 or 3 together and make a couple of decorations for the tree too.

First cut yourself a pentagon template that is about 10cm in height to make a 5cm star. If you want bigger stars go for a bigger template but make sure it fits the paper you are using! You can buy templates from a craft shop but being a cheapskate I found an image online and traced it straight off my PC screen.

How to make a five point origami star 
  1. Cut a pentagon from the paper you want to use. Fold it in half across each of its 5 axis. You don't need to draw the lines but I have so it was easier for you to see.
  2. Fold a straight edge of the pentagon upwards past the centre so that the corners meet the folds (lines) coming from the left and right points. Do the same fold for each straight edge. You will have created a small pentagon based 'basket' shape.
  3. Pinch the five points together.
  4. When all five points are pinched in, bring them into the center.
  5. Start to flatten the corners of the small pentagon you have created, folding down towards the left.
  6. Continue to work around the pentagon folding each point flatter as you go.
  7. You will eventually completely flatten each point down.
  8. You will create a mini pentagon in the center.
  9. Turn the star over where there is another larger pentagon.
  10. Fold up the corner of this pentagon towards the center creating a narrower point to the star.
  11. Fold each point of the hexagon up working around in a circular way such that the last fold tucks underneath the first and holds itself in place. This forms the finished star.
  12. It also looks good on the reverse!
Five Point Origami Star Garland

Five Point Origami Star Garland

Have fun making them and feel free to add links to your own origami stars in the comments x


  1. Cute!! Haven't got any to add to your column yet, but I will be trying to make them with the Seven Year old! :)

  2. Nice!! GG has to invent a star for the school christmas tree competition so I'll show her this! (she'll be way better than me!)

  3. That looks really great, I shall have a go at that!

  4. Very impressed with your handy work! That star looks fab!

  5. Great tutorial, thanks! Here are mine:, part of an advent challenge of all paper stars.

  6. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I just made a garland with it :)
    Helen x

  7. thanks for sharing this! wonderful stuff!

  8. Here's my version--I have a short video of the tricky spiral squash fold that confuses lots of people.

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  10. Hello, Thanks for the origami star tutorial and the instructions, these are just what I was looking for!

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