Sunday, 18 August 2013


A Sunday morning stroll to blow away some cobwebs revealed a glorious view of golden fields nestled beneath a typical British summer sky, pillows of white and grey layered in a sea of blue. As the sun played hide and seek, streaks of bright yellow swept across the fields and Ellie the labrador bobbed up and down amongst the crop hunting for her stick.

Pretty idyllic really.

And a timely reminder that you don't need to travel too far to discover new places, find new adventures and escape from the realities of daily life.

So many of my friends are off on holiday, some overseas, some in the UK and I was just a bit jealous. We really want to get a holiday before the children go back to school and we might still manage it, but in the meantime we are making the most of what we can find on our doorstep and appreciate having time together.

Five Go Blogging 365project week 33 2013

Fennel - love the structure of the flower heads
Golden fields
Gazing at the tree canopy in the woods
Dance (not so) juniors
Wind in her hair
Another mosaic hidden around Stamford
Testing out the brick chesterfield sofa at Burghley Sculpture Gardens

Hope you have had a wonderful week x

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  1. Stunning photos :) There are still a few weeks left of the school holidays - the weather has been pretty amazing here though - thankfully!!

    Thanks for linking up again :) xxx

  2. These are lovely photos. We haven't had a holiday away this year either, but we have been on some lovely walks with the children, and it's amazing what they find along the way. Always a new adventure :-)

  3. i really love the golden fields shot - great colours. and the wind in her hair is fab because it makes me think of times when i have stood and closed my eyes as the wind attacks me and i kind of enjoy it!! x

  4. loving the brick sofa!! how fantastic is that! x

  5. And you're doing it beautifully. Absolutely gorgeous shots! Hope you get that holiday. We're in a similar boat this summer, and I'm craving a week at half term somewhere hot now!

  6. Lovely shots as ever. It's hard to capture the absolute atmosphere in landscape photos, but I can totally feel where you were in your fields pic. Also love the breeze in her hair, it's a real picture of a thoughtful childhood moment. Finally, I must add that in your mosaic pic, I actually laid some of the glass tiles in the river in the mosaic you photographed! X

    1. Omg! You laid some of the tiles?! How incredible! How did that come about?

  7. With all the lovely weather we've been having there is no need to go away! Sometimes the best times are closer to home and spending quality time together.

  8. That is so true. We seem to be the only people we know who haven't had a holiday too and it is depressing but we have really made the most of days out locally and further afield to and had an amazing time. Stunning photos as always x

  9. I love that photo of her on the bench, it's fabulous seeing her wonder. That brick sofa is pretty amazing too.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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