Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dodging the rain

A half term spent dodging rain showers and avoiding sibling quarrels is a half term rather spent under a duvet. 

Fortunately there were a few opportunities where sou'westers were not quite necessary so we dared to peek out from under the 13 tog.

We dared each other to climb higher up the gate.

We braved it on 2 wheels and didn't cry.

We were duped into starting a World Cup sticker habit.

We sang and danced in the rain.

We got a bit fizzy.

We tried a stealth shot at the park. #fail

We tried our hand at bicycle maintenance.

We also had a training day at our new job. No photo because I thought it was a bit forward to snap on my first day ;-)

Hope you managed to dodge the showers too.

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  1. We did a tiny bit of shower dodging but wasn't as wet as it seemed to be for you. Hope the job is going well. Lovely snaps in spite of the rain :)

  2. Great to see you enjoying yourself despite the rain. Great sneaky park photo even if you were caught. Love the dancing in the rain.

  3. ooooh yes your new job - i hope you are enjoying it?
    i am glad you got out and about despite the wet weather. dancing in the rain is a lot io fun x


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