Friday 16 September 2011

Filofax P0rn!

Oh darn it!

I just went a spent a fortune... no wait! I didn't spend a fortune. Yay to thrifty living :-)

That lovely lady over at Typecast only went and found 9euro Filofaxes here. (er, except they seem to have finished the promotion - sorry!).

Yes, 9 euros.

So it was rude not to really.

And the clever postman brought them to me today, just when I needed cheering up :-)

This filofax reminded me of the Famour Five, so it was perfect for me to use as my writing notebook. The 2011 and 2012 diary (in German) can be discarded so I can fill it with lovely colourful notepaper.

And I needed a new purse very badly. I had expected it to be bigger (I really should read the small print) but it is perfect for credit cards and money of the folding variety. And the little touch of Swarovski is squeally lovely. Unbelievably the purse was originally 159 euros!

Happy me :-)


  1. I cannot get over the original price of that purse!! That's definitely a bargain.

    Love the "Famous Five" association with the filofax :) But don't just discard the diaries that you got. Have a look on the Philofaxy blog (@Philofaxy) and see if you can flog them or pass them on to someone. And if you're not going to use the German dividers then see if @Filomania can arrange to sort something out for you for those (she's German).

    So glad that a few people have benefited from the bargains. Wish I'd ordered a few extra now.

  2. just cannot believe you got that for 9 euro's - awesomeness!!! i totally love it x


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