Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cracked It!

photo credit: The Guardian

It's only taken me 3 children and six years but I have finally cracked it!

What? What? I hear you ask.

Well, let me explain. Since The Big One was able to articulate his constant need for food, he has been doing just that.

Initially it would be in the form of "Whhahhh". Then came the "ugh ugh" stage. "More" soon followed and at some point manners were beaten in to him encouraged and we got "More please".

The premature milestone of teenage years (at the ripe old age of 5) gave us "I'm hungry" in a very long drawn out voice with pathetic intonations. Helpfully this was precisely the age when Princess started speaking and very quickly, looking adoringly up at her older, wiser brother, she too learnt to say "I'm hungry".

In itself none of this is really a problem. But when it's on a loop, all day, every day, often within minutes of finishing a meal, it does start to get slightly irksome. Alright, damn annoying.

But, today, at precisely 12.00 I sussed it. No more (okay, maybe less often) will I hear the "I'm hungry" cry.


Simples. Feed them :-)

That is, feed them before they start whining.

At 10.30 this morning I popped into the newsagent and anticipating the "I'm hungry" (read: I am absolutely hypnotised by this splendid array of confectionery and I will self combust if I am not allowed to sample its delights) I bought them a chupa chups each thereby avoiding spending £1.20 on a couple of packets of smarties and instead parting with 24p. *punches air*

At 12.00, noticing a slight air of irritability, I forged ahead and prepared a platter of fine sandwiches, olives  and crisps with a side dish of silent praise.

And at 13.00 noticing that noone had asked for any pudding (a meal ritual even after breakfast) I produced fresh apricots that got smiles all round.

So the scores on the doors today are:

Kids: nil point - Mummy: she rocks.

I thank you x

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