Friday, 10 June 2011

Five... around the table

You know that game, when you have to invite 4 people to a fantasy dinner party. I played it last night with a group of school Mums and I was actually a little bit shocked.

Not, you know, OMG. Just more, well I never!

We are all intelligent women in our 30's or *whispers* 40's in the medical profession, business professionals, full time working or stay at home Mums. Each month our group (The Alternative Book Club) get together austensibly to learn or share something for fun but this must not (repeat MUST NOT) get in the way of a good sauvignon blanc or gossip obviously.

So there we are, fully informed of all the staff room comings and goings, wine glasses charged and a fantasy seating plan ready to be commended or outrightly ridiculed.

Given there were 10 of us and we each had to invite 4 guests, how many women would you say were invited? No this isn't a trick question on "Do you think you are smarter than a 10 year old". I'll take an "Age 6 Maths, please Dom".

The answer was precisely 2. And of those one was someone I thought I should throw in just so I didn't look like a hussy who had invited all men. I needn't have worried!

In trying to justify our choices, I think we just struggled in our busy lives to spend more than an hour to think about it so we were influenced by who we had seen most recently on TV. And as the majority of presenters, actors, comedians and musicians are men, we should not be surprised by our significant male bias.

Or are we just a feast of feisty females who had had a bit of fantasy fun?

Over analysing probably :-)

For the record mine were:

Rob Brydon - for humour not totty
Kevin McCloud - for intellect and *ahem* totty although that was loudly ridiculled
Chris Evans - Sauvignon blanc was almost spilt over who was going have him at their table
and Adele - my token women although she is clearly awesome.

And also for the record, The Big One would have the White Power Ranger, Garfield and Ode, Steven Gerrard and Flappy (supposedly a Moshi Monster).

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