Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Weekend - The Gallery

So while half the 'Mummy Bloggers' population (is that politically correct?) were at a conference called CyberMummy this weekend, I was not. No I am not jealous, bitter or envious. No, not I. Nope. Sure there were bits of it that would have been pretty cool like Sarah Brown's Keynote Speech or The Dildo After-show Party, but over all I was completely content at the Stamford Family Fair and Parade. Yes, perfectly happy.

Because if I had been shmoozing with blogging celebrities I would have missed Extreme Gothic Morris Dancing (check out the coats and hats!).

I would have missed The Big One having a go at fencing for the first time and then he wouldn't have had his picture taken for the local paper, Stamford Mercury.

I would have missed The Big One Zorbing with his friend.

And who'd want to miss that?

Now pop over to Sticky Fingers Blog and look at the other entries into The Gallery:


  1. I missed out on Cybermummying too - but to watch my girls perform at a charity music event with their band. I wouldn't have been ANYWHERE else x

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend...I'm still recovering from Cybermummy! I'm following your lovely blog now and look forward to reading more. Please feel free to check mine out at
    Glad I discovered you!! x

  3. Loving those Morris dancers! That really is an extreme sport ;)


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