Monday 11 June 2012

On a Retail High

I should probably be worried that I was on a high. A real euphoric moment. I was grinning with excitement and I was in sole charge of three children. Probably shouldn't be allowed. Maybe there is a law against it, but when you haven't done it for a long time the thrill is considerably higher than normal.

You remember when you stopped drinking when you were pregnant (or only treated yourself to half a glass of red weekly)? And then when you had your first glass of champagne after the baby was born you felt ridiculously lightheaded within 3 nanoseconds of your first sip?

Well imagine that applied to shopping!

I don't really shop for myself very often. I normally have children with me and their tolerance levels of being dragged around shops are pretty low on a good day. Also I somehow manage to leave myself with zero budget to go shopping with. Bad planning.

So on the rare occasion I find myself in a shop, with money in my purse, to spend on me, well...

First up, sandals.
I went into George to get a pair of pumps for the Big One for school. I have found that he can trash a pair of pumps a term regardless of cost so the cheaper the better. Whilst browsing looking for the pumps I happened upon these colour block sandals.

George Colour Block Sandals

Fact 1. They are flat. I cannot do heels. Not since 2003.
Fact 2. Colour blocking is 'on-trend'. It says so in the description.
Fact 3. £8. hello?
Fact 4. They stay on my feet, don't rub (yet) and do not require unbuckling to remove them should I ever desire to do so.

Next up, Marks and Spencer. I know it isn't exactly known as a fashion Mecca but I was in there returning a pair of slippers and happened to wander passed the sale rail and spotted this kingfisher print top.

M&S Limited Edition Kingfisher print blouse

Fact 1. Beautiful print.
Fact 2. Covers all the right bits.
Fact 3. Did I mention it was half price. £12.
Fact 4. Goes rather well with the a fore mentioned sandals and a pair of red jeans I have lurking in my wardrobe.

Finally I present you with this dress.

White Stuff Buttermere Tunic Dress in Cornflower

Fact 1, perfect length for my legs
Fact 2. Flattering neckline for those of a larger than average boobage.
Fact 3. Flows effortlessly over any wobbly bits reducing the need for Spanx.
Fact 4. I was given it. I was cheeky enough to ask and they were kind enough to say yes. White Stuff are the proud sponsors of my dress for the occasion that is the awards ceremony at BritMums Live. Not that I am shortlisted or anything but I'm pretty sure I was on the slightly longer than shortlist when I asked. I have told them I won't be parading it up on stage or anything but they were still delightfully lovely to offer this to me to wear.

I am one very happy and wardrobe sorted chick right now and can fully endorse the power of retail therapy for kicking you out of a sulky mood.

Just to be clear there are a couple of criteria for the successful administering of retail therapy:
  1. You need to actually find something you like, in a size that flatters and at a price you are prepared to pay. Failure on any of these conditions will guarantee a worse mood thus rendering your retail therapy worthless.
  2. Any shopping companions should be willing to offer the correct opinion of what you have selected. They will of course have to guess the correct definition.
  3. Your shopping companions should not, under any circumstances, look at their watches, tut, start reading a paper, or run races around the store to amuse themselves.
I would like to thank my three children who, despite my initial fears and points 2 and 3 above, were on their very best shopping companion behaviour.

I must also wholeheartedly thank White Stuff for sponsoring my outfit for the occasion. Thank you. By the way, you don't need it back right?

So I will see you at Britmums Live. I'll be the one in the blue White Stuff Dress ;-)


  1. Ooo lovely dress!! I'll be the one in the maxi dress that doesn't really flatter my bump *sigh*. Looking forward to that first champers sip already :D

  2. oooh , LOVE all of those buys!! Very pretty dress - perfect for my boobage too! Cant wait to meet you xx

  3. Woah!! Well done you! *picks up phone to Monsoon* ;)

  4. Looking forward to meeting you at Britmums! Your new clothes are fab. LOVE the colours! I don't do heels either. X


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