Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Notes on Easter

Here is a list of what I have learned this Easter.

  • The Wee One prefers milk chocolate. So that white chocolate egg we bought him will be next seen reincarnated into some muffins.
  • There is such a hobby as coach-spotting, and coach-spotter-spotting as invented by me.
  • Cadburys chocolate aggravates my eczema. Lindt dark chocolate does not.
  • The Princess can not only write her name but can also phonetically spell it.
  • Felt-tips do not make good lipsticks. Actually I already knew this but the Princess has now learnt this all for herself.
  • I prefer pot roast to normal roast.
  • The Wee One can inhale an Easter egg.
  • The Big One can eat his own weight in chocolate, bounce on a trampoline and not throw up.
  • I am a photo-editing android app geek. Sorry Sam for boring you senseless ;)

Not bad for a few days of Easter family loveliness.

How was your Easter and have you got any chocolate left?

Joining in with this weeks Gallery theme of Easter.


  1. Well I personally think in a family there is no other way to eat an Easter egg than to inhale it...too much temptation for others to steal and eat it themselves!!x

  2. I am working my way on eating my own weight in chocolate too, almost there!

  3. Mine can inhale easter eggs too! I think it is an inbuilt toddler skill! Shame about the eczema - I would be gutted! x

  4. I'm rather good at inhaling Easter eggs, if I do say so myself!
    Have to say, I'm impressed the white chocolate egg is being made into muffins, I would just eat it!
    Lindt chocolate is amazing. Fact! x

  5. I could do the choc, but the bouncing invariably shows up the weakness in my pelvic floor.....! grrrr

  6. That is hilarious! Sounds like it was a very interesting Easter!! Shame about you having to eat Lindt chocolate!!

  7. What lovely photos! Easter as a child is so much fun but as an adult its just a guilt ridden long weekend full of excessive chocolate consumption!

  8. My wee one prefers milk chocolate and can inhale an Easter egg too :-).

  9. I don't bounce these days but I can sure eat chocolate, trouble is I still have cupboards full of the stuff...

  10. Those are fab photos and sounds like you had a great albeit interesting Easter. And, white chocolate muffins sound amazing.

  11. Oh yes, lots of Easter shenanigans here! Will update you later ;)
    Oh, and I have discovered that if you threaten to take children to Homebase they run off and play for another half hour. So far used it 3 times!

  12. I inhaled an olive once, accidentally, mid talking over dinner out. Wasn't fun. I should imagine inhaling an Easter Egg would be far more enjoyable.

  13. Inhaling chocolate is not only for children. I am an expert, still.

  14. Great pics! Oh no re the lipstick/felt pen - was it a hideous colour as well?

  15. Not quite as chocolatey as yours! I am also becoming a photo editing geek but can't use android phone type ones as my phone is ancient and archaic!


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