Thursday 19 July 2012

Pennies for Piggies

Inspired by DorkyMum and Mammasaurus we have decided to start collecting our loose change for Piggy Bank Kids.

I first heard of this charity when I attended BritMums Live where Sarah Brown, the charity's founder, inspired many in the audience by sharing the fantastic work Piggy Bank Kids do for babies and children in the UK who need a little extra help to live a healthy and happy life. The funds that this charity raise go towards many projects throughout the UK, including the Jennifer Brown Project, to fund research into devastating pregnancy problems.

Not to be outdone by Mammasaurus who got creative with Marmite and Dolly Mixtures, we decided to make a money box that we could hoard our pennies in and when it is full, donate it to Piggy Bank Kids. This is part of a month long blogger project to pick up and save all your loose change and donate it to Piggy Bank Kids.

Our inspiration came from a pot of Bisto (other brands of gravy granules are available) and a Cbeebies comic.

The Princess loves cutting and sticking, the Wee One just loves cutting, so armed with scissors and glue the team got to work.

Money Box Crafting in aid of Piggy Bank Kids

We rummaged and came up with fist fulls of pennies (all coins are called pennies according to the Wee One) and posted them dutifully through the slot. All loose change normally goes into our penny jar but we are filling up our new money box instead now.

If you are feeling inspired to join in and collect your pennies, please take a look at the Piggy Bank Kids website, the great post Dorky Mum wrote, the cute money boxes Mammasaurus and team made and start collecting. You can follow progress using the #penniesforpiggies hashtag on twitter too or on Blog4charity.


  1. Amazing money boxing skillz! Thank you for joining in and for sharing your creative talents (was there gin involved?)

  2. Brilliant! Thanks so much for joining in! xx


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