Saturday 4 May 2013

Me&I - A Review

Check out the trews on this dude!

meandi scandi clothing
me&i canvas trousers

Sorry, should have warned you to wear sunglasses.

These Me&I trousers are his all time favourites and in the space of 3 weeks he has worn them every other day. He totally loves them. I was asked if I wanted to review an item of clothing from Me&I and was spoilt for choice. I love the whole Scandi design vibe and the prints and colours available in their range certainly don't disappoint.

Being honest, when I opened the pack and saw the colour of the trousers my first reaction was Opps! I thought I had asked for the brown colour and was wondering if it was rude to ask to swap them, but he immediately loved them, and I have got used to the colour so I am glad I stuck with them.

They are a heavy weight cotton canvas fabric which means there is a chance that he will be able to continue to wear them every other day for the next 12 months and they still won't wear through the knee. I'll keep you posted. They were quite large for him but the clever adjustable elastic bit at the hem of the trousers mean they gather round the ankle and don't drag along the floor. Even at speed...

meandi scandi boys trousers

So I reckon he will easily still be wearing them next summer.They have an adjustable waist too and are generous around the bottom so if your child is in nappies, there is plenty of room for maneuvering (as demonstrated here).

meandi scandi boys trousers

Whaad you looking at?

To get hold of the range you need to pop along to the Me&I website, make your choice and it will be sent to you from their nearest sales rep. You can also host a party if you fancy making it a social occasion. There is the kids range but there is also a womens wear range to check out too.

meandi trousers

Me and my wee one are very pleased with what we have seen and will be popping back for a few of their summer t-shirts like this one possibly...

meandi t-shirt

*adds to wish list*

Disclosure: Me&I sent the trousers free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinion are my own.

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  1. Aw, they are pretty awesome - as is your little lad. I really to want to comment on the red trousers, but I shan't! ;)


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