Saturday, 31 December 2011

Saturday is Caption Day

Last night we had a New Years Eve warm up party with the neighbours. I fear the hangover will be bigger and better on New Years Day than this morning's will be, given I am writing this at 23.57 and have yet to join the snoring upstairs, I do not know how fearful it will be. I can write, I can read, I can even work the autospellchecker button and load a photo. I don't think it will be too bad. [Translation: I am a bit squiffy, sorry.]

The small people in the house were still larking about at 22.00 keeping guests entertained so they may be a little worse for wear later. What do you think?

Go on, give us a caption!

Join in at Mammasaurus.


  1. It was the children's first taste of Five Go Blogging and Actually Mummy's afternoon "coffees"*

    *read GINS

    All the best for the New Year you lovely being and thank you for joining in on Saturdays and making me chuckle!

  2. I'm loving this new year malarkey and we get to do it all again tomorrow night. Fab.

  3. There is always one who has too much eggnog! Your the wrong way up!

  4. You know when you've had too much to drink when flowers start to magically grow on the floor!

    Have a great new year

  5. I love it here in Wonkas Factory... What room is next??

  6. Check out these moves!

    Hope the head is ok, Happy New Year :)

  7. Happy New Year from the Smalls

  8. Well either you two are in Australia or you are the wrong way round!

    Happy new year x

  9. The idea to play Twister on the flowers didn't quite work.


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