Sunday 14 September 2014

Double Helping of Busy

The first photo of the week Is a pretty accurate summary of how the last 2 weeks have shaped up: all grace and calm on the surface, a considered preening of feathers, and an occasional flick of the head indicating impatience. Beneath the surface there is enough paddling to stir up a whirlpool if conditions allow.

Busy brain, busy life, busy roads. A new school year, a new BTEC course, and a new kidney. 

Family outing to a new place. Lovely, peaceful and sunny. Soak up the calm.

Do I look like an alien? I really should unsubscribe from Bored Panda.

That chilled out pair were far from chilled out. *leaves scene of devastation at restaurant*.

Higher. Faster. Now. Don't stop. More.

The Wee One. My baby. All smart, confident and still cheeky.

This mosaic is in Addenbrooks Hospital where my Dad just got a new kidney. 

There will now follow a pause where I should have posted last weeks' 365.

Mr Frog is becoming a local celebrity.

Through the windscreen: 8 hours, 300 miles and a tired chauffeur but Mum got to see Dad so it was worth it.

The simplest things can give so much pleasure. Feather treasure!

*€<{{^*¥! Stubbed toe. Sorry for myself.

This bug needs lessons on mascara application. Clumping.

Poor Misty Moo. Trying to shoehorn a walk for her into the busy schedule!

After school footie with Dad makes for a happy Big One!

The Wee One likes to help me in the kitchen. Sitting on the work top and swinging his legs doesn't quite add up to help though :-)

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