Sunday 23 March 2014

Later than late

I hadn't missed a week in the 112 weeks I've been doing the 365project but last weekend I was heading for a deadline and fitting work around the children meant I was all worded out by Sunday.

But I'm back with 14 days worth of 365'ing for the price of 7. What a deal eh?

The early worm doesn't get manhandled by an inquisitive child.

An early night for some grown up shoes.

Late afternoon light on these gorgeous front doors.

Aren't early morning park jaunts chilly? Apparently not if you are hurtling through space in a swing. 

Keeping you up misty moo?

No but this one was. Regular night time visits. But look, butter wouldn't melt.

How long till the fancy dress party? Yep, still another hour to wait.

Last one across the line is a looooser!

A box full of trouble.

When jean hems fray, a crochet hook comes to play.

Fast approaching the end of any quality shopping time.

The last drop. No wait. That's the last drop. Or actually that one.

Watching the blossom pop.

At last, in the garden.

Apologies again for my unnoticed absence last week.

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Silent Sunday

Sunday 16 March 2014

Life's Lessons

Life can be a bastard. It can take people away and it can bring people together. Friends. Family. Sometimes it is because someone has gone that people are brought together, for the first time in a decade. 

My father-in-law passed away peacefully and his whole family came together at his funeral this week to support each other, and in some cases to meet each other for the first time. It would have made him happy to see hands being shaken and hugs being given. In fact he was probably disappointed to have missed it. 

Life shows you who your friends are too. The ones who go out of their way to help, expecting nothing in return. We value their friendship beyond words. 

Life brought friends together over a glass of wine and a rugby match.

Life showed The Big One that he has the confidence to recite a poem perfectly no matter how difficult the situation.

Life skills 1. Knife, butter, bread. He will never starve.

Life skills 2: fence climbing if being chased by a bull, or just for fun.

Life skills 3: pot washing can be fun (if you are 4) but may not be fun for ever.

Life skills 4. It is perfectly acceptable to drink beer on a school day lunchtime if it was bought for you.

Life has the knack of bringing you a perfect sunny day just when you need something to smile about.

We've all learnt a few of life's lessons this week and I'm sure life will bring us a few more lessons yet.

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Saturday 8 March 2014

Don't say the 'S' word

Is it here?
Has it come just a little bit early?
Shhh! Don't say it too loudly. It may take fright. I'm not sure I could cope if you say it's still Winter.

Look, even the Wee One is holding Spring to ransom, admittedly with a hair dryer but he has the right idea.

The blossom has come out to see what's occurring.

The evenings are lighter, warmer and dryer, and The Princess has dusted off her bouncing socks.

The birds are frisky and need some extra calories. We were happy to oblige with a homework recycling project involving a bottle and a wooden spoon.

Awesome Man accompanied me to the hairdressers to bid my winter tresses a fond farewell in favour of a swishy neck exposing spring loving style.

A new enthusiasm for getting my a**e in gear seems to have materialised round about the same time as the sun did. 

And the inevitable sound of the ice cream van brings out the hunter gatherer in my boys.

I bet I've gone and jinxed it now. 

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Silent Sunday

Sunday 2 March 2014

F is for...

F is for... flopped out on a lazy Sunday afternoon with full tummies.

F is for... flare of the morning sun while we fed some hungry ducks.

F is for... four puffs for four candles.

F is for... flowers. To me these turbines look like sculptural flowers towering over the landscape.

F is for... fingers tightly gripping a sharp needle and finding her rhythm.

F is for... foot power. He didn't even stop for the traffic lights.

F is for... flip and an occasional flop when it missed the trying pan. 

F is for February and where did you go?
F is for far horizons hopefully getting closer.

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