Sunday 27 April 2014


This week I've been taking a peek from a different angle to see how things look from there. I'm always a fan of unusual perspectives, reflections and silhouettes and want to explore the possibilities while going about my normal day, naturally.

On the kitchen floor as they line up ready for a wet Easter Egg hunt.

From the wood floor, a house can be built.

Up close, too close to his precious chocolate.

From the past, on the library steps.

From above, as we watch some tv.

Peeking around the shelves to snap this lovely lady. She works in a local shop and had me in hysterics.

From under the branches, peering up I notice a fresh bloom on the tree.

I know The Boy and Me has struggled a bit this week with a touch of 'same old same old' which made me think. I have days when all I've done is school runs and cleaned the toilet. Makes for some awesome shots.. not. So I'm going to try to carry on playing and see what happens.

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Thursday 24 April 2014

Ten Random Things...


1. My anxiety levels are shooting up in direct proportion to the number of pounds I fail to lose on my (not quite a) diet.
2. I want a job. Well more of a job. I work a bit. It pays the council tax. I want more.
3. I'm scared to get more. Confidence is in short supply.
4. My baby starts school in September. Half of me is celebrating the opportunity to fill school hours with something productive and well paid. The other half: see point 3.
5. If I could sew all day I would. I applied for the Sewing Bee but didn't hear anything back so I'm going to sew my way through the next 12 months and the next series when I shall try again. Practice makes perfect.
6. I am procrastinating by writing this blog post. The to-do list is lengthy and becoming ever more pressing which may necessitate an abrupt conclusion and an incomplete list. We'll see.
7. I am wearing a skirt with no tights and my legs aren't hairy. But my toe nails need painting.
8. I have a bureau rescued from a skip which would look lovely in the opposite corner of this room and would be a perfect place for me to contain all my crafty sewing writing paraphenalia. It needs a make over and I'm thinking chalk paint for speed and ease of application. I am stuck on choosing a colour though and although I love the idea of a charcoal grey with a pop of colour, I am also tempted by something wild like orange, or turquoise with a pop of grey.
9. I keep spotting bunting in random places: the river bank last week, the woods at the weekend. So glad that we as a nation aren't over bunting yet. I rather love it and it brings a little fluttering joy to the soul.
10. New beginnings are great, assuming you can get started.


PS I read a rather more thoughtful and eloquent Ten Random Things post by Knitsofacto which prompted this. Go and say Hi x

Sunday 20 April 2014


Better. The second week of the Easter holidays has been better. Less bickering, more fun, less shouting, more laughter.

With one exception. A large exception. An exception that I won't go into but one that brought me to tears of shame. 
A big lesson has been learnt this week. It could be that when you think things are bad, they can always be worse, or it could be a that hiding anything from Mum is fruitless. Both apply.

However we have moved forward and there are signs of remorse. Good may come of it.

In the meantime here is week 2 of the HOLIDAYS:

H is for House, Burghley House, and looking for carp in the pond with Daddy,

O is for Olympic champion, kind of, but a medal for gymnastics club comes close.

L is for Longer days. Garden fun at home and with friends.

I is for Invitation. Staying with their cousin and her dogs was beyond lovely.

D is for Dangling your crabbing line and hauling in dozens.

A is for Action shot, flying down the curvy slide at the Spinney.

Y is for Yummy biscuits at Love Stamford, a new coffee shop and community retail space in town.

Hope the Easter Bunny has visited your family today and you can resist eating it all in one sitting!

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Silent Sunday

Saturday 12 April 2014


School holidays and the tally so far is 
Kids: eleventy million - Mum: two

This parenting lark can be hard work. Watching everyone out jogging this morning inspired by the London marathon got me pondering whether I'd rather run a marathon (or half marathon, or a mile actually) or spend another day with a quarrelsome threesome determined to wear their mother down to a lip-quivering mess. The marathon/half marathon/mile won.

*deep breath*

I had a gin and ginger this afternoon to smooth the ruffles in my feathers after a trip up to Burghley. We went to see some sporty motors and snaffle some tasters at the Fine Food Fair but it all went awry when I didn't buy cupcakes for them. Obviously the picnic I made and the sweets I bought them were not enough. Stupid me.

The gin was lovely though. 

Kids: 2 - Balloon: 0

Kids: 0 - Me and the mud: 1

Kids: 26,329 bounces - Me: shattered

Deer: 1 and missing one antler - Me: 1 shot in the bag

Kids: 5,654 for being brilliant at their activity days - Me: -23 for being worn down by the one child who stayed home

Kids: 12 mph - me: broken back from pushing the go kart 

Kids: 45 minutes in the bath - me: 45 minutes getting a numb bum watching kid in the bath

I'm hoping that this week will level the scores out a little bit! 

Hope your Easter holidays are being kind to you x

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Silent Sunday

Saturday 5 April 2014


Swings. Of the mood variety. Up and down. Unpredictable. Bloomin' exhausting. Short tempered. End of term and we all need a break.

I am hoping that a couple of weeks of fresh air, exercise and some wholesome family activities will sort us (me) out. And maybe another trip beachward! That sand may have got where no sand is welcome but we all had such a lovely day  evident from the lack of bickering, the laughter and the gentle snores from the back seat on the way home.

Hopefully the Easter holidays will bring more of the same.

Up on the dunes.

Down in the dumps with a 'sore' hand.

Up and down and round and round. Barf!

Getting down with the wildlife.

New greenery climbing up in the garden.

Down on litterbugs!

Digging up/planting seeds.

May your Easter be filled with laughter, love and too much chocolate!

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