Sunday 24 November 2013


Sometimes all you need to do to improve your view is to change your perspective. 

My view right now is looking down the stairs at a pile of coats and shoes that need sorting and cleaning. No really, I am sat at the top of the stairs waiting for what was an overtired 3year old to settle down. However, he had a snooze in the car and is now a slightly refreshed overtired 3 year old who wants his wand to 'help him sleep'. 

I will change my perspective and consider the stairs a path to a lovely glass of wine to complete what has been a lovely weekend with friends. *waits patiently* *steps over coats and shoes*

Look down and get scared or look up and climb higher than he thought he could? 

Irritated not to know how the trick was done or fascinating magic?

Annoyed at The Wee One for hiding in the supermarket or a wonderful silhouette photo opportunity?

Leaves fallen signalling the end of Autumn or a bounty of golden leaf kicking fun?

Miserably cold or happy that it's cold enough to wear my new hat?

Boring day at home doing jobs or a chance to watch him play and make up robots with blocks?

Adorably cute new puppy or a terrorist with needles for teeth?

What's been your perspective this week?

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Sunday 17 November 2013

Up and Down

After the high of the craft stall last week I had post craft stall blues. Who'd have thought I would have a come down after getting up at 6 and standing in the cold for 7 hours? Didn't stop me crafting though. I rustled up a wooly hat after 3 false starts with a pattern I didn't understand. I like the style but it is too big and falls down into my eyes, but after 3 attempts I was not at all tempted to go unraveling it all over again. I am now on a mission to knock up a pair of matching wrist warmers before the 100 day winter begins! I may need more than my wrists keeping warm though!

Anyhow, highs and lows, ups and downs. I'm spotting a theme...

Down: leaves and dog poo. Back garden Russian roulette!

Up: popping up from behind the sofa for peekaboo.

Up: looked up to check the time on St Mary's clock. 2 hours slow!

Down: little feet in big shoes

Up: glorious colours 

Down: turning down the thermostat and trying flower pot heating. Yes seriously!

Up: ooooh and ahhhh! 

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Sunday 10 November 2013

Crafting for MNDA

This week was all about the craft stall we held on Friday at our local market.

We sewed. We crocheted. We knitted. We printed. We bent, folded, twisted and glued. We spent weeks and weeks getting our craft on and creating gorgeousness (in our opinion) that we could sell on our stall to raise funds for MNDA.

A friend has Motor Neurone Disease. He is now unable to do anything for himself. His wife and son care for him at home with professional help and he is a funny, brave and loving man. He is also determined. He came to see the stall on Friday to give us support and also bring us cake :-)

We have been living with the anticipation of the event for weeks, praying for a dry day, praying for customers and praying that we make lots of money. Our prayers worked. We set up on a crisp sunny morning and were kept very busy for the first couple of hours selling. The afternoon brought rain but by then we had run low of stock and low on energy so we declared the market stall closed.

We had been placing bets on how much money we would make for MNDA and were completely floored by the generosity of friends who had donated time, materials and energy to enable us to raise £1470! There is still more to come in with a couple of special items being raffled and a coffee morning to make a few more sales, so we could be adding another few hundred pounds to the total.

I have loved every step of the way. I love making things, crochet, sewing, sticking and gluing, and turns out I quite like standing on a market talking to customers too! It was a fabulous day, and we have pledged to do it again next year.

Now I need to start creating some Christmas presents (after a little breather).

Phone pacing - a new spectator sport.

Orange slices to be dried and hung for decorations for the craft stall.

Folding and gold spraying books to make Christmas Trees.

Soggy snakes and ladders.

Last few lingering leaves

On route to a party :-)

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Saturday 2 November 2013

Silent Sunday

I made this

Well not just me.

The Princess was heavily involved in making this:

But I made all of this ( but refrained from eating it all):

I 'made' this photo *ahem* (weak link alert):

I made some of these creations that are going to make a stash of cash for Motor Neurone Disease Association:
I made these three the scariest children in my house:

I made time for this to happen after a late night trick or treating:

I (plus big help from the Mr) made this boys birthday the best it could possibly be ( can't control the weather though):

I have been tapping into my creative vein and am loving it. The only problem is finding enough time to really get stuck in. If only I could make a living from making stuff! 

Hope you've had a creative week x

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