Saturday 30 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Why is it that one day they will jump head first into a waist deep puddle and take great delight in rubbing the slimy mud into every nook and cranny about their person but then the next day they start fussing over some sock fluff caught in their toes like it is alien gloop sent to poison them from the toes up?

Go figure!

Guess what kind of day it was in this picture.

child says yuck

Can you think of a caption?

Pop it into my captions box (ooh err mrs) and then head over to Mummy Mishaps for more captions antics who is standing in for Mammasaurus whilst she suns herself on her holidays x


Thursday 28 June 2012

Pixum Photobook - Review

I think you probably know that I like taking pictures right?
So what do you think I said to Pixum when they asked if I would like to create a photo book and then review it?

Pixum Photobook Hard Cover

I am notoriously useless when it comes to doing anything with the photos I have taken. I have folders overflowing with GB's of photos on the desktop, even more on the laptop (which maybe why there is so little memeory left) and then just a few more on the backup disc drive. There may also be a suitcase full in the loft. Actually I know this to be a fact because I was up there blowing the dust of it to find some older pictures to put into my album.

It was our 10th wedding anniversary this year, and in lieu of a diamond I thought we could make a photo album of our 10 years together. And when I say 'we' I obviously mean me ;-)

I was offered this review back in February, with then 3 months notice before our wedding anniversary. Loads of time! NOT! It has taken 3 months to go through all the thousands of photos I have to find the 'right' ones. I didn't want to overfill the album, and I wanted to pick as many of us together as possible to show how we have grown old together. I cannot emphasise enough, how long this is likely to take anyone contemplating this sort of exercise.

I also had to do it in secret because I wanted it to be a surprise. So 3 months wasn't quite enough and here I am 4 months later with a photo book.

pixum photobook

You have to download the Pixum software onto your computer which is very simple and takes no effort. You then select the product that you want. There are a vast number of combinations to choose from like Large square, landscsape or portrait formats, hardcover or soft cover, paper type, and you can even use one of their themed designs for Christmas for example. Most formats start with 26 pages but you can add additional pages if you are struggling to whittle the photos down.

You then simply upload the images you want to use and drag and drop them into the album.

My TOP tip is to go through all your scattered images first and get them organised into one folder so you aren't having to skip about all over your folders to locate the right image. I also pre edited my pictures so that I knew I had already cropped or added a filter as I wanted.

By selecting the photo book format the blank pages are all laid out along the bottom of the screen. You can then choose the layout you would like for each page. So you may want 1, 2, 3 or more pictures on a page and you may want them all lined up straight or slightly tilted or overlapping. You can do all of these things to get the perfect look for your album. You can also select a background colour or effect for each page or even a background image on which your photos will be positioned.

pixum photobook

You can start using the Pixum wizard to lead you through each step or just dive straight in which I did. To be honest I felt more in control going straight to the editor than using the wizard because the wizard felt like I was going to have to use a pre-set design which I didn't want to do.

I found it very easy to drag and drop my photos into the book and then adjust the size or position if I needed to. Like windows you drag the corners to size or the edges to move the image. Along the top of the screen is a toolbar which has many added gizmos to improve, design and edit your book further but one to take note of is on the photos toolbar. There is a face icon which changes from red to amber to green to indicate the quality of the image that will be printed. Your call but I adjusted the size of all of mine to get a green face. This ensured that they weren't pixelated at all and the best quality they could be.

There is also an auto-image correction button which means that the image is improved if necessary in production. This could be very handy!

With a little bit of playing I discovered that you can add text boxes. Small enough for a little label or big enough to write a paragraph. The font options are quite extensive too so you can achieve the look you are aiming for.

Pixum photobook

Getting the album to be as good as I felt I could get it did take time. No getting away from the fact that if you want a quality product you need to give it plenty of time to produce it. After the months of photo gathering, I then spent several hours editing the book. Exhausting work!

I must have proof checked it a dozen times. Spelling, the right order, the right photo! But the finished product arrived quickly and looks amazing. A real book!

Disclosure: Thank you Pixum for offering this picture book for free.

Pixum is the leading, independent and multiple award-winning online photo service in Europe. Next to the free use of online albums and photo-sharing, Pixum offers inexpensive and professional lighting of digital photos on real photo paper and fun-products (e.g. mugs, puzzles, t-shirts, cards, calendars, frames and much more). Pixum produces 90% of the UK orders in the UK. 

Wednesday 27 June 2012


childs hands worm garden

green painted child hands

childs hand painting

I love their hands when they are fresh out of the bath, almost sparkling with newness, not a blemish to be seen.
I love their hands when they are exploring the world around them, feeling their way through weird and wonderful textures.
I love their hands when they stroke the soft fur around Misty's ears making her sigh with pleasure..
I love their hands when they make squelchy noises in paint, cake mixture or mud and the squeaky sound they make when they are washed clean of their adventures..
I love their hands when they are colourful from play, decorated, telling the tales of the day's fun and games.
I love their hands when they are wrapped in a woolly warmth protecting them from the icy coldness.
I love their hands cupped together, protecting their treasure, preventing escape.

Best of all, I love their hands when they are tucked into mine.

Joining in with The Gallery.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

So glad and very

white stuff gift tag ee cummings

I got a dress.
I ripped the tag off in my haste to wear it.
I found the abandoned tag today on my dresser.
It had a promise about it.
A brown sealed envelope.
A colourful cord.
A mayfly charm.
I teased the envelope open not wanting to tear the paper.
Inside, a pure white doily edged paper.
A gift.

The gift of poetry and a friendship bracelet with love from White Stuff.

i am so glad and very
merely my fourth will cure
the laziest self of weary
the hugest sea of shore

so far your nearness reaches
a lucky fifth of you
turns people into eachs
and cowards into grow
our can’ts were born to happen
our mosts have died in more
our twentieth will open
wide a wide open door
we are so both and oneful
night cannot be so sky
sky cannot be so sunful
i am through you so i

e.e cummings

Thank you once again White Stuff for the beautiful limited edition dress I had the privilege to wear at the BiBs on Friday evening x

Disclosure: I asked and they said Yes. I was given a dress by White Stuff to wear to BritMums Live.

Monday 25 June 2012

365Project Week 25

Contrary to the very end of the week when I was 1 amongst 500 bloggers at BritMums Live, this weeks collection of photos I think is quite reflective. I have had quiet moments to just sit, and watch as the world flew by. I like watching. Which I suppose is why I like photography so much. But I like people too, which is why I found myself sat in a room amongst 500 strangers.

Five Go Blogging 365Project week 25

The beach, the sea and the boys chasing waves. Happy to watch than get cold toes.
Magazines and a spritzer. Me time.
Just me and the Wee one and the car, when he refused to go in the pram.
A bench in a beautiful setting, ideal for a picnic lunch.
A cafe and a sign that got the brain juices flowing.
Standing on my own, on the way to the conference, wondering what I was doing and I see not one, but two Panic signs. Good omen.
Taking five outside the conference I papped my orange foot cladded blogger buddy.

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Blogger Speed Dating or BritMums Live

panic sign

I have returned.

It was one hell of a rollercoaster ride and those that I managed to speak to for more than one minute may have heard me use that exact phrase.

Britmums Live was, for me, adrenaline fuelled, fast and furious, social whirlwind, tearful, funny, exhausting, muscle taxing, memory stretching, note taking, snapping, clapping, hugging, kissing, overwhelming, befuddling and the maddest 36 hours I have ever experienced.

I have probably chatted to and read blogs of at least 100 of the attendees and feel that I 'know' them to varying degrees but I have only met a handful in real life. The few I had met I was delighted to see again and loved spending time with them. Those I had not met before, but recognised from avatars and photos on their blogs, are probably still recovering from my hugs and over enthusiastic greetings, given they would not recognise me from my own avatar. For any bruise inadvertently inflicted in these unsolicited greetings I apologise.

Before I went to BritMums Live I had written a list of about 40 people I really wanted to say hello to/squeeze to death in overenthusiastic hugs. I managed to meet about 30. But most of those, it was a meeting too brief, passing faster than a mayfly's courtship. Speed-dating for bloggers. Only faster. No sooner had I said hello, inflicted a bruise, rendered them speechless in shock, when I spotted a name tag on the boob of another familiar avatar. Fearful of losing them and not having another opportunity to find them amongst the 500 other people there, I dashed to say hello, only later registering that several people I enthusiastically grabbed hadn't even heard of my blog.

Then there were bloggers in little impenetrable huddles, impervious to my head bobbing up and down just within their line of vision, trying to catch their eye to say hello. A few, a rare few, didn't want to say hello. They had gone to BritMums Live to meet their established friends. They had their heads down, and tweeted their way through the conference. Sorry I didn't get to say hello, but I probably didn't miss much.

There were also some bloggers who weren't on my list. No offence to them, but I just hadn't come across them before or tweeted with them. And what a pleasure it was to meet them. If it was possible to have a highlight, this was probably it. The chance meetings, chats over lunch or coffee, and new blogger friendships made. 

I learnt a lot. About blogging, about twitter and blogging friends, and about myself.

Blogging first. Just as well I learnt something about blogging. It was a bloggers conference after all. There were a couple of sessions that, frankly, were deathly dull and inspired me to seek out coffee. BUT on the whole I learnt stuff. Which is good. Just need to put it into practice.

Friends. Is it right to call people you only know virtually as friends? They tell me stuff. I tell them stuff. We LOL and !!! and {{}} and xxx. But in real life they can be different to your expectations. They can be all of what you expected but then a lot more. Or not quite as much as you expected. But they are the fingers typing and the personalities commenting and, back in a virtual world, they make me happy.

Myself. I am a sop. Or possibly just hormonal. I got through some tissues this weekend. Mostly for snot related needs but also for tears. I heard some words, which I had previously read, but spoken by the person who wrote the words, out loud, and I cried. Actually I sobbed. Words delivered form the heart made me cry. Also words delivered from the funny bone made me cry, in a "oh please stop now or I will wet myself" kind of way. Definitely a highlight.

I will go back next year. It was professionally organised, with relevant workshops, with interesting speakers on the whole and free wine.

But next year I will go back with different expectations. 

britmums live 2012

Wednesday 20 June 2012


I took the kids and Misty Moo to Hunstanton on Sunday.

My parents moved there about 8 years ago and we go and visit whenever we can. It is always a treat to get down to the beach, have a paddle or throw some stones but we prefer the old beach where dogs are allowed all year round and the noise of the fair and arcades is hidden round the cliffs.

On the way there, the Big One asked me why Grandma never comes to the beach with us. I asked if he had forgotten that she used to, before the effort was too much for her, before her heart restricted what she could do. He didn't remember. For the majority of his memory she has been ill, unable to do anything more physical than a walk around the supermarket, or some light hoovering. She has been missing the glorious seaside that is half a mile from her front door.

But last November she had a double by-pass operation which has meant she can do more. Gradually and slowly she has made progress and can now go on short walks.

So she came with us on Sunday.


Joining in with Sticky Finger's prompt for the Gallery.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

A Photo of Me

I have no idea why but there isn't one decent picture of myself I am prepared to show on this blog.
I am not vain (particularly) but I have decided I am fatorexic, or the opposite of anorexic.
I look in the mirror and think,

Yeah, not bad,
I have good legs.
I like my arms.
My neck is okay.
My bum is great.

And then I look at a photogragh of myself and weep at the epic proportions of my bingo wings, back fat, thighs, and wrinkles. This post wasn't supposed to be a a mission to fish for compliments, by the way, just a statement of why I don't use my photograph.

Having only met a few other bloggers in real life, I wanted to show my photo so there is a slim (Hah! See, fatorexic) chance that one or two of you going to BritMums Live will recognise me without me having to wear a Misty Moo mask.

But I failed.

So I have taken a self portrait, sort of, so that you can recognise my left ear and eye. I don't have 2 left eyes or 3 chins in real life (see, I probably do but being fatorexic I don't notice them).

self portrait Five Go Blogging

 And if anyone recognises me from this photo I will be genuinely amazed.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Friday x

Note to self: extra collagen cream for the next 3 days and wear make-up before taking self portrait.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Week 24 365 Project

I can't believe we are rapidly approaching the half way mark.
Time flies when you are having fun, apparently!
And this week has certainly flown, faster than a cygnet being taught to fly by a passing dog *ahem*.

Five Go Blogging 365 Project week 24

My theme this week is beauty.

Ugly ducklings will become as beautiful as their parents with the passing of a year.
From skeins of wool a handsome hound emerges.
A butterfly gleams from within a weathered shell.
Sun struggles to shine through wind battered branches.
The beauty of a child's face lost in a game.
The Queen, so beautiful at her Coronation and so radiant in age.
And me. At a certain angle.

This time next week I will be reminiscing about BritMums where I hope to meet as many of my fellow bloggers as possible. That's me, middle left. Come and say Hi. Please.

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Silent Sunday

queen elizabeth II stamford

Saturday 16 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

Wandering around Burghley Park, one of my favourite ways to while away an hour or two, we luckily found a space on a bench to take a load off for a few minutes.

Oversized Long bench

Can you think of a caption? Jolly good! Pop it in my comments box if you don't mind. Then head over to Mammasaurus, Queen of captions for more.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Why not listen to Beverley Knight while you read along.

Ever have one of those days? You know the ones that get off to a bad start and then go downhill faster than a toddler on a runaway scooter? There may be no other reason than you ran out cheerios or you couldn't find matching socks but your head is in that place that no amount of coffee/tea/chocolate/cake can get to. Impenetrable to kindness, good humour or well meaning hugs. Just Meh!

And while you are chasing that runaway toddler on a scooter you can't help thinking about the grubby bathroom you should be sanitising, the best selling novel that you would write or the plan to conquer the world you could create if your brain hadn't turned to playdoh overnight, dried up playdoh, colours all mixed and dried up playdoh.

All this as you stand staring out the kitchen window while your tea gets cold, and a toddler gnaws at your ankle.

And then you remember the words of your friend, follow the energy flow.

Your energy is telling you to postpone those grand plans today. Your energy is pointing you towards simple tasks like walking the dog, building a train track, making more tea, buttering toast. The energy you need for the shoulda woulda coulda's isn't flowing your way today so don't try. You will only feel more defeated.

Just point yourself in the direction the energy is flowing and float along with it. What's the worst that should/would/could happen?

Like she says, "Shoulda woulda coulda are the last words of a fool."

Conference - 100 word challenge

I am a "100 word challenge" virgin. Be gentle with me.

I bought the ticket months ago. I decided on my outfit weeks ago. I wrote my to-do list and ticked everything off days ago. And finally I stand outside, anticipation cursing through me, palms more than slightly sweaty. 
I put on my brave face, the confident one that says ‘I belong here’ and move to push through the doors.
But they push back against me, charged with energy that overflows the building. The noise that assaults my ears confirms there's a real buzz about this place that cannot be contained by walls or a bloggers' words.
So BritMums Live commences.

I'm linking up with JB47's 100 word Challenge prompted by the phrase "there's a real buzz about this place".

Wednesday 13 June 2012

BritMums Live Check List

I am going to BritMums Live, as are lots of other bloggers. This is the first blogging event I have attended and am feeling the pressure to be organised, efficient and productive to make the most of this brilliant opportunity.
In preparation I have written myself a check list of things to do. I keep thinking of more things to add to it but as it stands today I thought it would be helpful to other bloggers who are attending.

*insert tongue in cheek*

So here is my/your BritMums Live check list.

  1. Write blog post about BritMums Live preparation. (Always got to write something on a to-do list you can tick off immediately).
  2. Decide what to wear and blog about retail therapy highs. *basks in self congratulation*
  3. Book train tickets.
  4. Book hotel.
  5. Hair cut and colour. Or buy a hat. Would it look odd to wear a hat at a conference? Possibly not at a Hat Conference. Research Hat Conferences.
  6. Nails. Grow some and then adorn with varnish.
  7. Tan. From a bottle, sadly. Damn British weather.
  8. Lose 7lbs. Through diet. Or amputation.
  9. Choose which workshops to attend between cake binges where 7lbs will be put back on, not through limb reattachment. Or clone self
  10. List of 'Must meet' bloggers. The shortlist is very long. I'm thinking speed-dating for bloggers.
  11. Charge camera battery. Remind myself of this 12 hours prior to departure. 
  12. Remember to remove battery from charger and insert into camera.
  13. Clear memory card. Yeah right. Buy new memory card.
  14. Purchase new notebook and pen. Any excuse to feed my stationery habit.
  15. Business cards. *checks date* Plan B: scribble my blog name onto each sheet of a jotters notebook, tear off and distribute as needed. Although I do have a business card case.
  16. Kick nerves into touch. (i.e. purchase 4 pack of Gin in a Tin for the train).
  17. Buy a ticket for BritMums Live. Now wouldn't that have been a joke if I'd forgotten to do that! Hah!
  18. Check location of venue and hotel and routes from station, via hotel to venue.
  19. Pack.
  20. Arrange to meet a friend to go in with. Open to offers ;-)
So far I can tick off 1, 2, 9, 10, 14 and 17 fortunately.

How are your preparations going?

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Rascullz Helmet Review

The Big One needed a new crash/cycle helmet having outgrown his old one and an opportune product review presented itself to me in the form of an Ozbozz Rascullz helmet, thus:

Raskullz Helmet Shark in action

How flippin' awesome does that look? I know, I know!

The Big One jumped so high in excitement that he almost needed the helmet to protect him from the ceiling.
He loved it. It was cool enough for school (and at 7 years old that is no mean feat).

I plonked it on his head.

I pulled a bit. I pushed a bit. I sellotaped his ears to his head. I'm not one to boast but apparently we have big heads in our family. This trait flows though the paternal side of the family (avoiding myself therefore) such that headwear would normally require a form of elastication or circumference adjusting gadgetry to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Big One was not going to give in so easily however. He says it is comfortable and I followed the recommended size test and sure enough his forehead moves when I move the helmet. It seems that the design of this helmet is that it doesn't come down the side of his head as far as I would have expected so it does in fact fit. It is secure and covers the important bits.

The Big One often rides his scooter to school but doesn't normally wear a helmet for this. (We have however, recently amended our ways after a nasty accident involving a friend, a scooter and the meeting of his face and the pavement. Take heed people). But now he is more than happy to wear his new Rascullz helmet for scooting as well as cycling.

Not to be left out, The Wee One wanted in on the act too...

rascullz shark helmet worn incorrectly

... for extreme wheelbarrowing! I padded it out with socks and toast and toy trains but whichever way round he wore it, it was too big for him (and only recommended for ages 5 and up).

The princess wants this one:

Rascullz Unicorn Helmet

And I suspect she will have wrapped Daddy sufficiently round her finger to get one before the week is out.

As a crowd pleaser this helmet gets 5/5
For fit I would say 4/5 because it isn't adjustable around the head although the chin strap is of course.
For price 4/5 - slightly pricey compared to a standard helmet but still great value.

Disclosure: We were sent the Ozbozz Rascullz helmet free to review.

There are lots of different RASKULLZ Helmets to choose from including a Shark, Mohican, Ladybug or Unicorn.The RASKULLZ collection of helmets from OZBOZZ is available now and retail at around £19.99 each. Stockists include Toys R Us and JD Williams. For more information visit and why not find Ozbozz on Facebook and like our page for even more promos!

Monday 11 June 2012

On a Retail High

I should probably be worried that I was on a high. A real euphoric moment. I was grinning with excitement and I was in sole charge of three children. Probably shouldn't be allowed. Maybe there is a law against it, but when you haven't done it for a long time the thrill is considerably higher than normal.

You remember when you stopped drinking when you were pregnant (or only treated yourself to half a glass of red weekly)? And then when you had your first glass of champagne after the baby was born you felt ridiculously lightheaded within 3 nanoseconds of your first sip?

Well imagine that applied to shopping!

I don't really shop for myself very often. I normally have children with me and their tolerance levels of being dragged around shops are pretty low on a good day. Also I somehow manage to leave myself with zero budget to go shopping with. Bad planning.

So on the rare occasion I find myself in a shop, with money in my purse, to spend on me, well...

First up, sandals.
I went into George to get a pair of pumps for the Big One for school. I have found that he can trash a pair of pumps a term regardless of cost so the cheaper the better. Whilst browsing looking for the pumps I happened upon these colour block sandals.

George Colour Block Sandals

Fact 1. They are flat. I cannot do heels. Not since 2003.
Fact 2. Colour blocking is 'on-trend'. It says so in the description.
Fact 3. £8. hello?
Fact 4. They stay on my feet, don't rub (yet) and do not require unbuckling to remove them should I ever desire to do so.

Next up, Marks and Spencer. I know it isn't exactly known as a fashion Mecca but I was in there returning a pair of slippers and happened to wander passed the sale rail and spotted this kingfisher print top.

M&S Limited Edition Kingfisher print blouse

Fact 1. Beautiful print.
Fact 2. Covers all the right bits.
Fact 3. Did I mention it was half price. £12.
Fact 4. Goes rather well with the a fore mentioned sandals and a pair of red jeans I have lurking in my wardrobe.

Finally I present you with this dress.

White Stuff Buttermere Tunic Dress in Cornflower

Fact 1, perfect length for my legs
Fact 2. Flattering neckline for those of a larger than average boobage.
Fact 3. Flows effortlessly over any wobbly bits reducing the need for Spanx.
Fact 4. I was given it. I was cheeky enough to ask and they were kind enough to say yes. White Stuff are the proud sponsors of my dress for the occasion that is the awards ceremony at BritMums Live. Not that I am shortlisted or anything but I'm pretty sure I was on the slightly longer than shortlist when I asked. I have told them I won't be parading it up on stage or anything but they were still delightfully lovely to offer this to me to wear.

I am one very happy and wardrobe sorted chick right now and can fully endorse the power of retail therapy for kicking you out of a sulky mood.

Just to be clear there are a couple of criteria for the successful administering of retail therapy:
  1. You need to actually find something you like, in a size that flatters and at a price you are prepared to pay. Failure on any of these conditions will guarantee a worse mood thus rendering your retail therapy worthless.
  2. Any shopping companions should be willing to offer the correct opinion of what you have selected. They will of course have to guess the correct definition.
  3. Your shopping companions should not, under any circumstances, look at their watches, tut, start reading a paper, or run races around the store to amuse themselves.
I would like to thank my three children who, despite my initial fears and points 2 and 3 above, were on their very best shopping companion behaviour.

I must also wholeheartedly thank White Stuff for sponsoring my outfit for the occasion. Thank you. By the way, you don't need it back right?

So I will see you at Britmums Live. I'll be the one in the blue White Stuff Dress ;-)

Sunday 10 June 2012

Silent Sunday

365project Week 23

With all the celebrations that have been going on this week it was inevitable that there would still be the dregs of red white and blue to contend with. Problem was, every where I went, every angle, every scene, there was a union jack in it.

Well I suppose it isn't every day you have a Diamond Jubilee to celebrate.

My theme this week is In/Outdoors.

The street/living room party.
The indoor funfair at the garden center.
The bunting outside photographed from inside.
The bug watching me from inside the shape sorter.
The chive flowers before they are picked for the kitchen. Thank you Wee One.
The rocket flying to through rain to a dry sunny moon (apparently).
The release of being out and about after rainy days in.

Hope you got out and about this week.

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Saturday 9 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

The Mr has been working away for a week and I thought I would have the pleasure of sole control of the remote. You know, catch up on a few soaps, a chick flick or 2, Revenge ( my new guilty secret that is totally addictive). I'm not saying that I never get to watch what I want but we do have very different viewing tastes. At the top of his favourites list would be comedy and documentaries. On mine is reality TV (with Big Brother a notable exception) and hospital or crime drama.

So, I rubbed my hands together/waved a sad farewell and made a dash for the sofa.

But this is what I found.

Dog with remote conrtrol

He has her well trained.

Can you think of a caption?

Now head over to Mammasaurus, Queen of captions for more.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

More Shabby Than Chic Bunting

I love the Pinaddicts challenge. It mashes up my love of crafting, with my secret addiction to pinterest, and blogging. What more could this girl want?

So this month, still clinging onto the sewing machine, and with the Jubilee in mind, I had a bash at bunting. Not the trickiest of projects I grant you but that was intentional. I seem to have a shortage of me-time at the moment so this needed to be crammed into an evening.

Here is my inspiration available from

shabby chic union jack pendant

I had an old shirt from the Mr, a patchwork top I picked up for £1, some gingham ribbon for £2 and plain white tape for 60p from the market and I found a template from What I didn't have was any instructions. Could I be bothered to look? Nope. So I kind of bodged it like so.

More shabby than chic Bunting

Borrow a pair of pinking shears (Ouch! Pricey! So now on my Christmas list) and cut out 8 triangles of the patchwork fabric, and 8 of the shirt fabric for the backing. I figured the pinked edges would only add character to the bunting (and I could not be bothered to sew them and then turn them).

Then I measured and cut the gingham ribbon to form a Union Jack inspired cross.
I took the front piece of the bunting and zigzagged the ribbon down the length of the pendant pinking the ends.
Then I zigzagged the ribbon across, left to right.
Then top left to bottom right and finally top right to bottom left to make up the full cross.

Then I pinned the wrong sides of the front and back pieces of the pendant together and zigzagged all around.

It was at this point I realised I should have just cut the pendant pieces using straight scissors and only pinked the edges after each pendant was sewn toegther. That way I wouldn't have bits of ribbon hanging over the edges and have to try to cut them in a zigzag shape with regular scissors having given the pinking shears back and it being 10 o'clock at night. Doh.

Finally I positioned the pendants along the length  of tape ensuring that the gap between each one was the same and zigzagged each pendant onto the tape.

And there you have it. My more-shabby-than-chic Bunting.

Now for more craftiness inspired by pinterest, go to Simply Outnumbered who is hosting this months Pinaddicts extravaganza.


Monday 4 June 2012


We were all set.
And then it rained on our parade.
But it wouldn't be Britain or a Bank Holiday without a little rain.
Note the word 'little', clouds!

So we grilled indoors. We stuffed our faces on cupcakes and chocolate fondue, after a face full of burgers, sausages and chicken. We drank Prosecco and when that ran out, Rose. Hard times!


Then, we had a discussion about when the Coronation actually was. The 2nd? The 3rd?
My birthday is the 2nd of June and I KNEW it was the 2nd. So we googled it. And sure enough it was the 2nd of June 1953. But, hang on a minute. Now my maths is pretty darn good but even I questioned my numeracy skills when I tried to work out how many years there are between 1953 and 2012. I'm pretty sure, even after checking on the calculator and counting on all the fingers and toes of those sat around the table combined, that the answer is 59.
But we are celebrating a Diamond Jubilee, which is for 60 years.
So... err..

Right, so George VIth died on February 6th 1952. The Queen's accession to the throne was announced on 8th February 1952, and the Coronation was on the 2nd June 1953.
So shouldn't we have celebrated the Diamond Jubilee about 4 months ago or in another year?

Oh wait. I know. We waited till the 2nd of June to have better weather for street parties. *shakes umbrella* and this year because someone miss-counted back in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee.

Whatever. I have a headache I blame on the wine and bunting I can save for next year ;-)

Hope you celebrated in style whatever the weather x

Sunday 3 June 2012

365Project Week 22

With the nation going Jubilee bonkers, this week had to be all about red white and blue, didn't it. And I warn you now, there will be more to come.

If you squint a bit and pretend they were ever planned thus, they are all red, white or blue or combinations there of.

Five Go Blogging 365 project week 22

Red mug, calm, whilst all about me freak out.

Brilliant blue skies framing the last flying Lancaster Bomber.
Dazzling white swans with their ugly ducklings.
The Wee One clad in shades of blue.
Vibrant red strawberrys on a sugar dusted cake and peeking out between creamy layers.
New white shoes.
Striking red poppies against bleached blonde stone.

Happy Jubilee everyone x

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Silent Sunday

Jubilee Tea Party

Saturday 2 June 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

The Queen may be celebrating 60 years on the throne, the nation may be drinking Pimms/tea in her honour, the stock of anything with a Union Flag on may have sold out, you may not be able to buy a sausage for the barbeque for love nor money, I may be celebrating my XXth birthday but...

...the Wee One still wants it all his own way. Who's in charge here anyway?


Have a fabulous weekend everyone x

Pop a caption in my comments box (not a euphemism) and then trot along to Mammasaurus for more funnies.