Monday 6 October 2014

This is a really boring blog post

Oh my dear blog, I've missed you. Your beautiful blank pages just waiting to be filled with my humble witterings; your teasing comment box luring a reader or two in; your dusty old archives testimony that you were once a more regular haunt of mine.

But the boring stuff has got in the way. Well I say boring but...

Is a 20ft dinosaur boring?

When was a toffee fudge sundae ever boring?

In no way can autumn ever be called dull?

A cup of tea is only boring when you don't have time to savour every last drop.

Grandma's new flat is only a minute's walk from our house compared to the boring hour drive we used to have.

Golden hour. Never boring.

Nope, not ever.

Can't even take a boring selfie without someone making it more 'interesting'.

This post is an attempt to catch up with my 365project. I have taken a photo a day but have saved you from the truly boring episodes. 

So boring life, take a back seat please, and let me have some blogging fun!