Tuesday 8 May 2012

Recycled Business Card Case

A couple of weeks ago I had a very fanciful idea of making 25 things out of an old pair of jeans or two. I then whittled  it down to a shortlist of about 6. I then forgot all about it, distracted by life and family until last week when I remembered it was Pinaddicts time and I really wanted to get crafty.

So out of the short-shortlist I found this.

And this.

I find it really easy to be inspired to make something. And even easier to run out of motivation/energy so this was a bit of a rush job at the last minute (last night in fact). Subsequently I have failed to take any photos of the work in progress (candle light is so hard for photographers you know) but instead I found this handy little tutorial which give full instruction on the main construction elements.

And here you are - the resulting recycled jeans business card case:

Recycled jeans business card case

The decoration started out as post it pad illustrations that I then interpreted for the sewing machine. I had an hour people so don't be too critical!!

However it gave me a little inspired lightbulb moment!

Who fancies a business card case for Britmums? I would have said Cybher but time is somewhat limited now!
I can knock one up for you from one of 3 designs for the not too princely sum of £6 + £1.50 p&p.

Design choices:

recycled jeans business card case

If you are interested, email me with your preferred design choice (cassette, camera or @), your name and address would be handy, and I'll send you paypal details for payment. I reckon (depending on demand *ahem*) I can get one to you in 5 working days.

The outer fabric will be denim but the inside lining material may vary depending on demand!

How cheeky am I?

And here are some other crafters that have been a bit busy interpreting their Pinterest finds for #Pinaddicts.



  1. Ha, I like your enterprising initiative you have shown here, crafty! Hahahaha, geddit? Mmm, anyway, your card cases look fab and I love the recycling element x x

  2. Love those. What a great idea! Like that they are made out of old jeans too. x

  3. They are lovely! Denim is great fabric for crafting, and most people have a spare pair of jeans about.

  4. I love the idea! The cassette was is fab :)

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  6. Oh my gosh I thought I commented on this 2 days ago??!!! Awesome job girlfriend! I'm so going to order one for Britmums Live! xx

  7. I love your recycled business card case design.fine and cool work.thanks for sharing this nice designed post.

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  10. now that's called creativity that instead of throwing them as useless these piece of cloth is converted into plastic card holders which are adorable and easy to use...

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