Saturday 28 September 2013

I hear ya!

She who must be obeyed (aka The Boy and Me) suggested that my photos were too small. I could have told her to zoom in of course, or head to my 365project account. But I can take feedback so here you are. In full glorious technicolor.

FiveGoBlogging 365project week 39 2013

I will use the excuse now that they are all taken on my iphone and I don't love the quality of them. (That's why I always publish them small ;-) ). I will also now pledge to dust off the real camera and actually take a few proper photos. If I had used my real camera this week I would have...

... missed the Princess sitting in the box. She leapt out very quickly.
... ended up with a flash shot of the wee one in a tunnel and lost the silhouette.
... dropped my camera in my washing up because it is heavy.
... got a wet camera strap from the dew soaked grass on the rugby field.
... got a shot of the wee one's hand as he is over having his photo taken.
... not bothered taking a photo of the wee one's shadow eating his tea.
... got an infinitely better shot of the bull at the Stamford Georgian Festival.
So sometimes a shaky old iphone gives you the opportunity to capture a snpashot of our lives that you wouldn't otherwise have. At least that's my logic.

Are you an iphonographer or a photographer? Actually can an iphonographer call themselves a photographer?

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  1. Oh gosh, please don't think I was telling you what to do or being critical! I love your photography, you know I do, and I just found it a shame that I couldn't see the images properly. Sorry if I upset you chick, last thing I'd want to do! EVER!!!!!!

    I love the sink photo, and the mist on the pitch. And the shadow (hurray for shadows, it's not one of your weeks without it) of the fork and arm. And the passage...

    All of them in fact. Now stop being crossy with me!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. I love your photos my fave this week is the misty pitch its from a fab angle. I use my iphone for probably about 90% of my pics too. I find if i have to go and fetch the camera the moment has passed.

    Cant wait to see next weeks x

  3. Loving the one in the tunnel and the shadow but that bull is awesome! I don't have the luxury of an iphone or any phone that takes pictures - mine just takes phone calls! I just have my ageing digital compact that I try to remember to take with me most places but I do forget sometimes.

  4. almost all my photos used are on my ihone and certainly the ones from ths linky are. it is nicer to be able to see more of your photos - i like the tongue of concebntration and the shadow one is clever and your daughter coming out of the box is fun x

  5. Oh my goodness... that second to last shot looks really sinister - that's one for Halloween. X

  6. Oh you're like me! I have a wonderful camera and i use my stupid phone even it is a good phone still will never give me the images I know i can create! I love these photos anyhow, very good pics x

  7. Love big photos!! I love the shadow eating tea. Fabulous.

    Getting the good camera out is such a faff sometimes isn't it? Mine is about to die and I get so angry with it that my phone is (sometimes) my preference!

    Thank you so much for linking up :) xx

  8. I take pics on my phone, my small camera and my big camera. It depends on where I am and what I am up to as to which I use! Sometimes I get better pics on my phone, as people don't really notice you are taking a picture! Love these shots! :)

  9. Brilliant and yes I prefer them a bit bigger too. That first photo is gorgeous. I am an iphonographer mostly but I really should get into the habit of using my biggie more

  10. That fork shadow photo is twisting my melon man!


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