Saturday 8 March 2014

Don't say the 'S' word

Is it here?
Has it come just a little bit early?
Shhh! Don't say it too loudly. It may take fright. I'm not sure I could cope if you say it's still Winter.

Look, even the Wee One is holding Spring to ransom, admittedly with a hair dryer but he has the right idea.

The blossom has come out to see what's occurring.

The evenings are lighter, warmer and dryer, and The Princess has dusted off her bouncing socks.

The birds are frisky and need some extra calories. We were happy to oblige with a homework recycling project involving a bottle and a wooden spoon.

Awesome Man accompanied me to the hairdressers to bid my winter tresses a fond farewell in favour of a swishy neck exposing spring loving style.

A new enthusiasm for getting my a**e in gear seems to have materialised round about the same time as the sun did. 

And the inevitable sound of the ice cream van brings out the hunter gatherer in my boys.

I bet I've gone and jinxed it now. 

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  1. Alison i am adoring your bird feeder!! how funky and clever is that! i would love to have ago at that x

  2. Brilliant bird feeder - we'll add that to our list for sure! Great S week - here's hoping! Will we get a selfie of the new hair?! I adore the hairdryer shot in particular this week

  3. Lovely to see the sun out and you all enjoying it, those ice creams make me think of summer.

  4. hmmm the ice cream could have jinxed things - but looking out of my window i think it is still going to be another lovely day today :) how lovely to have spied some blossom too.
    the hair dryer looks nothing like one - more like a toy laser gun type thing! clever bird feeder you have there too xx

  5. Nope, you haven't jinxed it. Yet. All Spring like here today. Love 'Awesome Man' can't believe he managed a trip waiting for a grown up haircut! Love your hair btw ;)

  6. Love the bird feeder! I'm thinking about getting a haircut too - although I know I'll spend the next six months moaning about it afterwards!

  7. I love that you have an ice-cream van! We don't have that childhood pleasure in our road.

  8. the bird feeder is excellent!

  9. I do hope you haven't jinxed it! That blossom is awesome and I love your birdfeeder.

  10. *whispers, I think spring really is here* fantastic blossom photo!

  11. *Says in hushed voice* I really think Spring has arrived. Eeep, so happy!
    I love the blossom on the trees and blue skies - everything about Spring makes me so happy.
    Loving your bird feeder too x

  12. Sending warm weather thoughts your way! Hope you love your new swishy haircut. :)

  13. May be it is happening.... maybe spring is really here *I am saying this under my duvet* X

  14. Spring, spring, spring!!! It is definitely here, there is no getting away from it. That bottom photo is classic!

  15. Great round-up as always (sorry so late!). Love that second photo of that wonderful blue sky and the last one is just wonderful :)


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