Saturday 19 July 2014

7 illusions and a gracious thank you.

Things are not always as they appear.

This may be a grass seed but in her imagination it is a miniature bunch of flowers.

This may look like a fishtail loomband bracelet but is in fact a double fishtail loomband bracelet (as named by the Big One before we found out it is in fact actually called a double fishtail).

Double fishtail - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a pre-schooler but I think you will find I have graduated.

I graduated - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a beautiful English rose against a perfect summer sky but I am actually poised across your path ready to deploy my razor thorns and strike upon your forehead at any moment.

Thorny rose - Fivegoblogging

I may look intricate and complicated but I can be created by a 6 year old in a matter of minutes.

Bracelet braiding - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a random assortment of scrap metal atop a beaten up car but I am in fact a mobile art installation.

Is it art? - Fivegoblogging

I may look like I am going to kick the ball this way but I will actually be kicking the ball the other way and breaking the drainpipe.

Dummy kick - Fivegoblogging

I may look like a popular blog with my highest ever Tots100 ranking ever but I am in fact a spam-magnet with an occasional hardy reader who I would like to thank graciously.

 *offers thanks graciously*

Please pop along to some much higher ranked bloggers than I including the wonderful The Boy and Me.

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. Love this. Great pictures (they always are) and very clever words. Bravo!
    Congrats on your highest Tots score too. x

  2. great Tots score honey :-) i am quite liking the art installation :-) xx

  3. oooh well done on your tots score - i have never made it into the top 100
    i have seen so many loom pics recently - i feel i am missing out. well done to your now graduated boy - exciting times for him then come september x

  4. Love the art installation and gorgeous English rose. As for the loom bands...if I see another loom band I shall scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lol, brilliant pics and the words made me chuckle too! :)

  6. Baha! Tots just confuses me, I too am spammed on an hourly basis if not more but am slowly climbing back into three figures after a gracious tumble into the oblivion. Anyhow, love the stories behind the pics and I quite the like the art work - although I initially read it as a random assortment of crap ;)

  7. I am fairly sure that your Tots ranking is due to your witty and clever writing and rather marvellous photos. Great photos, I love the roses one, really great colours.

  8. Fabulous Tots score, well done! I love these photos too!! And FYI...that bracelet looks well complicated! lol x

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Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)