Monday 6 October 2014

This is a really boring blog post

Oh my dear blog, I've missed you. Your beautiful blank pages just waiting to be filled with my humble witterings; your teasing comment box luring a reader or two in; your dusty old archives testimony that you were once a more regular haunt of mine.

But the boring stuff has got in the way. Well I say boring but...

Is a 20ft dinosaur boring?

When was a toffee fudge sundae ever boring?

In no way can autumn ever be called dull?

A cup of tea is only boring when you don't have time to savour every last drop.

Grandma's new flat is only a minute's walk from our house compared to the boring hour drive we used to have.

Golden hour. Never boring.

Nope, not ever.

Can't even take a boring selfie without someone making it more 'interesting'.

This post is an attempt to catch up with my 365project. I have taken a photo a day but have saved you from the truly boring episodes. 

So boring life, take a back seat please, and let me have some blogging fun!


  1. Oh how I've missed thee! It's very inconsiderate of real life to get in the way!

    That golden hour photo and the Autumn one are cracking, the colours are glorious. How fab that grandma is so close, The Boy loves having my mum only two minutes away. And a selfie from you could never be boring!

  2. Love the golden hour pics in particular! I seem to be having that boring life problem at the moment and not have time to do the things I really WANT to do... :D

  3. Not boring at all! It's great to get an update about your life and I love those natural landscape photos!

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