Monday 27 June 2011

Indigo Mood

Thank you Josie at Sleep is for the Weak and her Writing Workshop prompt: Personality Catwalk.

I wear my mood. It hangs, swinging in my wardrobe, waving at me. Pick me. Pick me. But no, you're not my mood today. You are so yesterday.

Yesterday was dark and threatening. Prickly. A stiff collared jacket, crisp sleeves and polished shoes. A subtle hint of colour from a scarf to soften the edges but not disguising the armour I wore to protect me from the day. My indigo jeans, trusted and reliable, fresh from the laundry, were slightly too tight on my waist, pinching. An unneccessary black leather belt brought it all together, drew me in and gave my mood the structure it needed to be complete.

Today is bright, shiny and hot, with promises of enthusiasm to carry me through the day. Today I can pick my jeans off the floor, shake them out and know that the waist has stretched and will let me breathe freely. A purple shirt confidently wraps it's arms around me, while a dash of silver birkenstocks are playful around my toes. I am ready. No fuss and certainly no iron.

Tomorrow? I've checked the forecast but these things are so unpredictable. I am hoping for a hazy softness so I can wear my jeans just one more day, improved with wear. Tomorrow I would like a mood that I am not afraid to share, one that will raise the corners of my mouth into a half smile. A simple long t-shirt will drape catching at my hips perfectly and my suede converse trainers will be fluid, flexible and perfect to tread softly through the day. No footprints tomorrow, just a breeze and a few passing shadows.

Whichever mood is dealt, I will wear it with my indigo jeans. I will not hide it at the back of the wardrobe because that is where mistakes are hidden, tags still attached. I will not hide behind a fake outfit, because it will only confuse who I am today and limit my potential.

But my trusted jeans, that adapt so perfectly, are me, so me.

P.S. I'm hoping for a high heels day soon.


  1. I want a high heel day soon too..I am fed up of not having a reason to wear some of those racey items that are lurking in the back of my wardrobe....and yes, like you, a few still have the tags on.


  2. Great writing! I would like my indigo jeans to perhaps not pinch so much as well, time for a diet soon methinks! Emma :)

  3. Great piece of writing I would expect to find in a fashion magazine, perhaps in a section about the versatility of one (expensive of course, they always are in fashion mags) pair of jeans.

  4. Fantastic post! I think we should all have high heel days x

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