Thursday 23 June 2011

There and back again, again.

Today I am mostly feeling like a yoyo.

When my day is done and I can finally crawl into bed I will have been in and out of my front door 12 times. This shouldn't be a problem or an annoyance really but today I have no energy, I have 6 steps up to my front door and I live on a hill. So bah!

Trip 1: School and nursery drop off. Distance: 1 mile
Trip 2: Walk the dog. Distance: 2 miles
Trip 3: Taking the Wee One to Tumble Tots. Distance: 1 mile
Trip 4: Nursery pick up. Distance: 1 mile
Trip 5: School run. Distance: 1 mile
Trip 6: Charity night. Distance: 2 miles

So you see none of these trips is very far or very taxing. It is just the fact that I have to go up and down the same hill 12 times and I can now tell you the colour of every front door, how many weeds are growing in each garden and how many cracks there are in the pavement between here and the end of the road (not allowed to tread on any because of the bears).

Instant pick me up needed please. Don't suggest chocolate. 1) I am putting on weight so MUST NOT eat it and 2) I haven't got any in the house (major oversight).

Oh and I might buy a pedometer to distract me from my plodding.

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  1. Pedometers are great! I used to work from Waterloo to Holborn and back everyday, my pedometer was a great distraction! Emma :)

    PS. how about half a bar of chocolate instead?


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)