Sunday, 25 November 2012

365project week 47 - Light

The light may fade too quickly at this time of year but I love that the sun is hanging so low in the sky and all you can see are silhouettes. I love the atmosphere, the stark contrasts it provides, the way it sometimes seems to be shining directly at me, pointing me out as if to say, 'That's her. That's the one who needs make a decision and get on with it instead of procrastinating.'

It is encouraging me to step out with my camera, to get on with those many things on my to do list that need doing while the kids are in school before I get distracted.

I managed a morning of printing with some friends this week which got me thinking about using my creativity in a more productive way and I made countless (14) Christmas Trees and Angels and stars too. So it hasn't been a fruitless week but the spotlight is still shining at me, daring me to do something.

The sun was too quick so my chandelier provided my shining bright moment.
A perfect Autumn walk in the last sun.
Late walk home as the street lights start to glow orange.
Sunlight through a window shining promise into his eyes.
Highlighting the brilliant green moss against a damp dreary leaf strewn path.
My design. My effort. My printing.
My star wasn't shining so brightly but some glitter soon fixed that ;-)

I'm joining in with my fellow 365'ers who never let life get in the way of a good photo over at The Boy and Me.

My photos are in my album on the 365project site. I'd be so happy if you went to take a look.

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  1. Lovely post - and really like the green moss!

  2. Ah, procrastination - I know it well! Love your star and great printing too!

  3. Lovely photos, the light in the walk photo is beautiful.

  4. I love that park photo, looks like a wonderful family walk, real Country Kids stuff.

  5. Beautiful post as always! I love the walk photo, really lovely and I am definitely having a go at those stars

  6. The autumn light on your walkers is spectacular


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