Tuesday 13 November 2012

Cheap as Chips Christmas

On a budget?
Feeling the pinch?
Or just plain old skint?

I am on the hunt for thrifty Christmas gifts, decorations and Christmas crafts having just spotted this present idea on City Girl at Heart. Her idea of framed Puffin Postcards is really lovely and I love that you can really match the Puffin postcard to the recipient showing how much thought went into your £1.53 gift!

I made this fabric cover for a notebook the other day for a friends birthday present and I am going to make a few more for more Christmas gifts. Tutorial here.

fabric covered notebook

I may change the notebook for a diary or address book to mix things up a bit. Rebel aren't I?

And last Christmas I got creative with some magazines and catalogues and made Christmas trees with them.

magazine christmas trees catalogue christmas trees

I have also made stars and angels.

But I am on the hunt for more thrifty Christmas gift ideas, new or charity shop finds, recycled or re-purposed, homemade or bought. Have you been scouring the Internet for bargains, or traipsing through charity shops for vintage finds? Are you a crafter and busy making gifts? Have you set up a sweat shop to get the kids making decorations for Christmas?

Come and share your "Cheap as Chips Christmas" finds!

Please link up to this one time only Cheap as Chips Christmas bloghop and lets get Christmas in on budget!
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I can't wait to see your ideas *excited face*



  1. Yay, have joined in and (very impressively) put the blog hop on my site too without crashing wordpress (I hope!). How did you make the magazine trees?!?

  2. Great idea - my crafts are somewhat less impressive than yours but I'll see what I can do!


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