Sunday 24 November 2013


Sometimes all you need to do to improve your view is to change your perspective. 

My view right now is looking down the stairs at a pile of coats and shoes that need sorting and cleaning. No really, I am sat at the top of the stairs waiting for what was an overtired 3year old to settle down. However, he had a snooze in the car and is now a slightly refreshed overtired 3 year old who wants his wand to 'help him sleep'. 

I will change my perspective and consider the stairs a path to a lovely glass of wine to complete what has been a lovely weekend with friends. *waits patiently* *steps over coats and shoes*

Look down and get scared or look up and climb higher than he thought he could? 

Irritated not to know how the trick was done or fascinating magic?

Annoyed at The Wee One for hiding in the supermarket or a wonderful silhouette photo opportunity?

Leaves fallen signalling the end of Autumn or a bounty of golden leaf kicking fun?

Miserably cold or happy that it's cold enough to wear my new hat?

Boring day at home doing jobs or a chance to watch him play and make up robots with blocks?

Adorably cute new puppy or a terrorist with needles for teeth?

What's been your perspective this week?

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  1. Gorgeous puppy!!! I get very irritated by magic tricks ;)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  2. A fabulous post, a great reminder that things aren't always as they seem x

  3. Cute puppy! I would love one, but my other half says two kids and two mad cats is enough for now. I love your hat too! :)

  4. you have a puppy! wow he/she will keep you on your toes.i love your photos and the words which accompany each of them this week - very clever. i like the one looking down on your son playing with his blocks (he looks cheeky) and you look cosy in your hat and scarf x

  5. awww do you have a cute new puppy? (he is cute even if he does have sharp teeth!) Love the thought of different perspectives - and it is so true. Great photos as always but I especially like the silhouette and the leaves - liking your cosy hat too!

  6. my perspective this week has been good with 2 new grandchildren to spoil, yes glass half empty of half full is all a state of mind. I love kicking through piles of lovely coloured leaves.

  7. I love that phrase, terrorist with needles for teeth ..... love it!


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