Sunday, 17 November 2013

Up and Down

After the high of the craft stall last week I had post craft stall blues. Who'd have thought I would have a come down after getting up at 6 and standing in the cold for 7 hours? Didn't stop me crafting though. I rustled up a wooly hat after 3 false starts with a pattern I didn't understand. I like the style but it is too big and falls down into my eyes, but after 3 attempts I was not at all tempted to go unraveling it all over again. I am now on a mission to knock up a pair of matching wrist warmers before the 100 day winter begins! I may need more than my wrists keeping warm though!

Anyhow, highs and lows, ups and downs. I'm spotting a theme...

Down: leaves and dog poo. Back garden Russian roulette!

Up: popping up from behind the sofa for peekaboo.

Up: looked up to check the time on St Mary's clock. 2 hours slow!

Down: little feet in big shoes

Up: glorious colours 

Down: turning down the thermostat and trying flower pot heating. Yes seriously!

Up: ooooh and ahhhh! 

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  1. Love the sofa peekaboo and those gorgeous red leaves with the blue sky - as for flower pot heating - I am intrigued! *trots off to read more*

  2. Those colours are beautiful against the blue blue sky! I'd love to see a photo of your hat :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI xx

  3. Also love the peekaboo pic and the red leaves - brilliant colours. Look forward to seeing the wrist warmers. I bought some fingerless gloves/wrist warmers and they're great except I selected a dull greyish-beigeish colour and they look like I've stolen them from an old man. Choose bright!...

  4. 'Back garden Russian roulette!' hahaha. That's why I tell the 4yo to stop throwing leaves over her head. One day it will rain dog poo on her blonde main.

  5. Ooh love the angles of all your photos. The red leaves are beautiful and love the smiley eyes peeking from behind the couch :)

  6. back garden routlette that made me smile! that firework shot is a cracker and i love those beautiful red leaves x


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