Sunday 16 February 2014

Love is

Love is.... a birthday Princess turning 6 and running out of puff to blow out all the candles.

Love is... hooking up a crochet border before the school run for a friend's birthday card.

Love is... a pretty tree reflected in a not so pretty puddle.

Love is... dragging yourself off the sofa on a very rainy day and poking your tongue out at the weather.

Love is... being very brave at the dentist (this was the before shot).

Love is... decorating a valentines cookie, and then eating it yourself.

Love is... making pom poms with friends.

Love is... a photo a day :-)

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  1. What a lovely theme for Project 365. The reflection of the tree in the puddle is amazing.

  2. Ahhh... gorgeous photos! And happy birthday to your princess :)

  3. perfect theme for this week :)
    i hope your princess enjoyed her birthday and that the dentist app went ok. i rrememebr making pom poms when i was a child - cannot remember how to know ! x

  4. Yay! LOVE the theme. That tree picture is great and sticking out your tongue at the weather is a great idea.

  5. Love the puddle photos and especially the love theme x

  6. What a great theme and a lovely set of photos!

  7. This is a gorgeous post with gorgeous photos. Love. Love. Love. X

  8. happy belated birthday to your Princess. Ooohhh clever at crocheting a nice finishing touch to the card. I never mastered the pom pom. and what a great theme

  9. Delightful - adore the puddle and the crochet and that little cheeky pose with the tongue. Love indeed.


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