Saturday 8 February 2014


We have lived here for 7 years and on a rare bright sunny day we took a walk to somewhere we have never been. It is no more than 2 miles from our front door and from this hill we could actually make out our road. The kids reckoned they could even see our house.

It pays to take a different path, see things you haven't seen before because it could bring you immense satisfaction. 

My view of a new pattern and I'm really pleased with my chevron cushion so far.

In our familiar home the wee one found a new place to hide. I wasn't so chuffed with my view though :-)

His view of the TV was unequalled but not sure how comfortable he was.

In my view cherries are one of the sweetest fruit.

My view from the dining table brought a huge smile to my face.

The view from up the tree was unimpressive apparently but my view of their smiles was perfect.

I wonder what your view was like this week.

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  1. i do love the themes you choose so clever. the little cheeky bottom made me smile and i am so envious of your dry weather for tree climbing yesterday xx

  2. beautiful images, I love the cherry photo x

  3. A great set of photos! The view from your dining room made me smile too!

  4. Some really lovely shots. Love the ones of them outside. That one of him in the box though is hilarious.

  5. Beautiful views and made me grin the shots of little one hiding and sitting in the box.


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