Sunday 5 August 2012

365 Project Week 31

Like many of us, I have been glued to the TV this week, watching people achieve staggering heights, speed and feats of strength on the Olympics.

I blame this for a few last minute, quick, grab the camera, shots. I admit I have been distracted by Team GB and have not paid enough attention to my own discipline, my own specialised sport of  photography. I have not been putting in the training.

I plan to rectify this. I'm upping my game this week. I'm going for a personal best!

Five Go Blogging 365 Project Week 31

If you would like to see these photos in more detail, please head over to my 365project where you can see them in all their glory.

Joining in with The Boy and Me for the 365 Project

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  1. Still some great photos though, they are all worthy of a gold medal :) x

  2. They are great photos and what I love is that your photos are always completely different!

  3. Love the macros shot of the flower with the people in the background out of focus.

    Thanks for linking up

  4. still amazing photos though missus!

  5. Team GB is a great distraction isn't it? I'm loving the Olympics too x

  6. A great collection, that one with the clover is still my favourite


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