Wednesday 8 August 2012


Watching the Olympics is incredibly inspiring but when it comes to sport I am easily inspired. I watch Wimbledon and hanker after a game of tennis. I watch the London marathon and fancy a jog. I watch the athletics and fancy a quick throw of the javelin. It makes me want to get out there and have a go and banish the wobble. Maybe I will, gently. I don't want to do myself an injury.

The Big One, however, is inspired and is throwing himself into it. He fancies himself as a runner and runs at every opportunity shouting out for me to time him. He is naturally competitive, everything and anything can be a race, from getting dressed in the morning, to riding his scooter down our hill (and terrifying me in the process). The fallout isn't so much fun if he loses but to compete you need a winning spirit, and this he has.

The Big One running

This picture was taken last summer. He hasn't stopped running yet.

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  1. I see a future champion!

  2. Great picture. He looks like he has a bright future as a runner.

    Beneath Thy Feet

  3. Good for you re. the inspiration. I love watching the olympics, but I can't say it makes me actually want to get up and join in. I am quite happy to be a loyal supporter.

  4. Hehe, this reminds me soooo much of my son! I think he is going to be just like this!

  5. So much energy. Running is such fun, such freedom x.

  6. Brilliant! Yes my two boys are a bit like that, but it isn't a bad thing is it?

  7. I swear my daughter never learnt to walk, she ran from day one and hasn't stopped yet (except for the static tennage moments - which sadly seem to be getting longer lol)


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