Sunday 2 December 2012

365project Week 48

I am not the person I was four or five years ago. I do not have the disposable income I had four or five years ago. I have discovered a love of crafting and upcycling. My Christmas shopping list this year hasn't been compiled from the great gift guides of our favourite retailers.I am on a thrifty mission. A mission to craft my way through Christmas. Yes, I will save some money but I will give what can't be measured. My time and love and thought.

And a lot of time and love and thought has gone into my week.

Five Go Blogging 365project Week 48

My Bagpuss mouse, unearthed at the school Christmas Fair, sings "We will find it. We will bind it. We will stick it with glue, glue, glue." This is my new mantra.
My paperback Christmas trees sold out at the fair.
Sometimes the greatest pleasure is free: watching the wee one squeal as he runs.
A cup of tea. Cheap as chips and oh so perfect.
Handcrafted (squished and squashed) salt dough Christmas decorations in production.
A fast paced walk to school burns as many calories as a custard cream biscuit (probably). Who needs a gym membership?
Crocheted snowflakes experiment turns out better than hoped.

I'm not a Bah Humbug kind of person, but the exuberance of Christmas is definitely looking a bit tacky this year.

Hope your Christmas preparations are coming on nicely x

I'm joining in with my fellow 365'ers who never let life get in the way of a good photo over at The Boy and Me.

My photos are in my album on the 365project site. I'd be so happy if you went to take a look.

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  1. this is the best post I have read - love it all, your photos are lovely but the message behind is nicer - Christmas does not have to be about spending the most and we just have to remmeber that - time, love, family and fun thats whats needed for the most magical christmas ever x

  2. I love your photos and what a crafter you are! Some amazing looking things here every bit as good as what you will find in the shops.

  3. Agreeing with Sarah - love this message - just wish I was better at craft - I just get frustrated with it mostly. I watch Kirstie Alsop's show and think I wish I could do that. Your crocheted snowflakes are awesome and I do love your paperback Christmas trees. I do manage to walk/run to school though - saves petrol and keeps us all fit. Cheers to a thrifty, crafty Christmas :)

  4. I am so bah humbug this year whilst everyone else is rushing around and decorating for England! Gorgeous festive photos though and I love the fact that you are making your own decorations, very inspiring!

  5. What lovely pictures. Those trees look amazing xx

  6. Love the crafting shots and the running feet!

    Thanks for linking up


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