Saturday 15 December 2012

Saturday is Caption Day

I can go weeks without the children doing anything worthy of a #satcap and yet this week I was spoilt for choice. Thank you Grandma for visiting and giving the Wee One and great excuse to show off in the middle of town, thus providing this photo for your captioning delight!

giant ice cream


Would you like a caption with your ice cream sir?
Yes please!

Our host with the most is mammasaurus so be polite and pop over.


  1. So.... do you come here often?

    (worra whoppa!)

  2. What do you mean its too cold for an Ice Cream - at least it won't melt over my nice red coat?

  3. I told you I don't to thinks by halves, mummy...

  4. "Hehe he he hehehehehe. Yeah. Hehehe hehehehe."

    PS. Can I have one that big too?

  5. You're gonna have to lift me up Mum...


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)