Sunday 9 December 2012

365project Week 49


What I love most about winter is that the sun rises late which has two advantages. The first is that the children don't get up at ridiculous-oclock with the sun rising. And the second is that I don't have to get up at ridiculous-oclock to see the sunrise and snap it.

Two mornings this week I have been in a position with my camera to catch it's early rays glinting off my frost dusted car and through my (on close inspection not so clean) windows.

The sun sets early too. So on an afternoon walk you can catch it's warmth shining from behind a grazing pony.

And because it hangs low in the sky, not quite summoning the energy to rise any higher (I know how it feels) it shines straight through the bathroom blinds into your eyes.

Should it not shine, you can always retreat: Into a coffee shop for a a well deserved break; Into the kitchen to make red onion marmalade; Or for a play with some Playmobil.

Five Go Blogging 365Project week 49

May the sun shine on your week x

I'm joining in with my fellow 365'ers who never let life get in the way of a good photo over at The Boy and Me.

My photos are in my album on the 365project site. I'd be so happy if you went to take a look.

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  1. Looks like a delightful pony on a frosty morning.

  2. Gorgeous photos! It is lovely that the children aren't waking up so early, that is a definite advantage of winter

  3. Mmmm, red onion marmalade. Sounds delish x

  4. I especially love the shot of the shadows on your face.
    This is my first winter up this far north (in the NE of England) and I am finding the light beautiful. Now if it would just keep shining and stop hiding behind the clouds!

  5. I've been taking pictures of dawn over the last few weeks - there have been some stunners. I love the light effects you've captured this week.

  6. oohh red onion marmalade sounds interesting. love the shadow on the face through the blind

  7. I bloody love the Autumn/Winter low sunlight; it gives the most amazing glow.

    Thanks for linking up


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