Saturday, 18 January 2014

365 stories

I had some great feedback from my post last week where my writing itch got scratched so thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. It was really encouraging, enough to get me thinking about the 2 or 3 book ideas that have been bumping around in my head.

One idea is a modern day fairy tale with a twist: the heroine has no idea who she is.

Another features a Lord, big in attitude, small in stature, who has his mother at his beck and call. "Mother! More cheese! And make big the vintage cheddar!"

Not for the faint hearted but I have an idea for a children's horror story too. The monster from the deep end of the bath.

And one about a hidden world concealed at the bottom of a box. You just jump right in and limb by limb you disappear into its realm.

I have another tale, but this one may be too soft focus, too sentimental for even my stomach to take.

What about the tale of the dog who takes its owner for walks, each day discovering new scents which in themselves tell a story. The dog retells the stories but they fall on deaf ears until one day a small boy listens...

There is a tale of greed, where Augustus and his younger brother Bob eat until their onesies burst. 

All promising germs of a story I'm sure you'll agree but possibly in need of some refinement before I tackle the publishers. 

I'll keep working on them.

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  1. Lovely pics, love the sticky up hair in the bath and the big bursting bellies lol #project365

  2. What great book ideas! Brilliant photos too! :)

  3. I love your soft focus sentimental tale :)

  4. I am loving the monster at the end of the bath .. it made me giggle x

  5. Some great story lines! I love the scary monster and the big bellies bursting the onesies. There is always space for a sentimental one too!

  6. ha ha great words again that made me chuckel throughout. the onesie big bellies one is my fav but i am also partial to some sentimentality and i really like the one of you and your boy x x

  7. Love this approach to storytelling, just brilliant. Great photos too - especially love the bath and the bellies :)

  8. I love your using the photos for story themes.

  9. I love this as a 365 - you had me drawn in on the Little Lord story - you definitely need to write that one :)

  10. I absolutely love the idea of your stories, Cinderella and the box that can be climbed into. I think the dog that takes the owner on adventures is the best though.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  11. Oooh exciting, good luck with those book ideas! Love the bath shot with the hair. You have some really fun photos this week


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