Sunday 5 January 2014

Rocking 2014

2013 has been and gone
Out with a sigh, and my pj's on.
2014, with a promise of fun
Only the fourth and three parties done.
Looking good so far but Monday to face
And back to a more steady pace.
A photo a day to keep memories alive
I'm starting my third 365.
Here's the fruit of our days so far.
Expect to see a few cups of char
As the days stretch out and inspiration fails
And my 365project goes off the rails ;-)

Happy New 365 project!

Film night!


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  1. Never knew you were a poet, I'm surprised I didn't know it! ;) First timer here for 365 and loving your work :)

  2. love the jumping phot and what a perfectly blue sky! and I also like your family selfie
    happy new year lovely, i always enjoy seeing your pics x

  3. Love all the joy and smiles in your first week!

  4. Love the pictures and the poem!! :)

  5. Great photos! Hope you make it to the end of 365. It's my first year and I'm hoping for the best.

  6. Great pics of a happy family getting up to so much in just a few days. The jump shot is amazing!

  7. Brilliant pictures!
    That jump picture is SO full of energy!

  8. Love this! Happy New Year to you! X

  9. Gorgeous family photo at the top - an excellent start to the year! Great jumping shot too. Glad to see you are carrying on, I love your photos

  10. The motion blur in the bottom scooter is fab, you can tell who was going the fastest from it but the looks on their faces is excellent.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and I'm so pleased to have you back again.


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