Saturday 17 May 2014


Last week I was trying to choose a colour for my hall, stairs and landing. It was a mine field of magnolia, cream, off-white and shades of latte in Homebase. Isn't it incredible how many colours there are? A paint colour chart is just scratching at the surface. Think of the size of a Pantone book, incredible variety that are almost imperceptible to the human eye.

Princess wants a feature wall in her bedroom in a shade of pink. Fuscia? Bubblegum? No, the colour of this dress, mummy. Only a bit more pink.

In our old house we had wine red walls in our bedroom. I loved the colour and thought about it for this house. Too dark though for the much lower ceilings. Red curtains then? Tried it but looked like a theatre and not in a good way.

We are covering up the yellow that we've lived with for 7 years and hated for every single one of those 7 years. Buttercup yellow is very unforgiving.

We considered grey, as it seems to be very popular at the moment but it seemed too cold, too school playground for us.

World chess champions give less thought to their next tactical move than we gave to our next hall colour.

And some just gave up and walked away while we continued to pour over colour charts. 

In the end we went for soft latte, a subtle pale coffee colour (you'd never have guessed) and we are almost done.

My concession to colour... an Orla Kiely wallpaper for one small wall. I'll use a 'tadaa' photo for one of my 365 photos next week. 

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  1. Love your theme this week - it can be really hard to find the right colour for rooms. We mainly go with the neutral walls and then have colourful stuff in the rooms (mainly because we can't decide!) Love the angle of that last picture.

  2. Ahh lovely - pale latte is in our house too, but I'm bored now, I want white! White works with small children, yes? ;)


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