Sunday 11 May 2014

What I heard as the shutter clicked.

Peace and quiet. Such a rare thing. Looking at this weeks photos you'd be forgiven for thinking it has all been bird song and blossom showers. 
If only you could hear what was going on as the shutter captured that instant of time. This is what you would hear...

... Boys screaming, playing a football match and sizzling sausages on the BBQ.

... Fighting me for my phone so they could follow directions to the next cache. #geocaching

... Cough.... Cough.... Atchooo.... Honk.... *whiny voice* 'mummmmmy... can you get me a drink?' #poorly

.... 'Higher mummy. Higher. No stop. Too high mummy. MUMMY!'

.... The constant roar of passing traffic and the drumming of heavy rain on my hood.

.... Loud nagging noises in my head telling me to get a shift on and get all those annoying jobs off the to-do list.

... The moaning of a cantankerous man because I didn't put any salad dressing on the table. #idid 

The week ahead is silly busy and the volume button shows no sign of being turned down just yet. But it would be odd to be too quiet wouldn't it.

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  1. What a fab selection of photos this week I really can't pick a favourite - the colours on the last two are both brilliant but I also love the clouds and the scrabble photo and the shadow. Hope your busy week isn't too tiring.

  2. It's amazing what you can hear when you pay attention.... we've got colds too *boo*. X

  3. Beautiful selection. I love the scrabble photo and the first on the swing.

  4. Oh I *LOVE* this post! I wish that we could have a burst of the other senses when we look at a photograph; but then I often find that with this project - I look back and can remember every sensation. The orange slice is genius, love the playground shadow and the geocaching photo.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky live from 9pm tonight.


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