Saturday, 3 May 2014


Things that have made me smile this week...

The big one being chosen to carry his cub pack's flag at the St George's Day parade.

The late afternoon sunlight through the Rowan tree blossom.

The simplicity and beauty of a dandelion clock. 

Blue. I am a big fan of blue flowers and bluebells are pretty high up there.

Bored and waiting for dinner to cook, I noticed my shoes almost exactly match our hall tiles. Little things.

Taking The Big One and the Princess shopping to spend their own pocket money. I'm smiling with pride at how they worked out the money, the fact that the contents of my purse were intact and the pattern of the block paving.

The Wee One bring cheeky in the trolley and how every single person asked which aisle I found him in.

I am resolving to keep looking for the things to smile about! They are there. They may be hiding or cunningly disguised but I will hunt them out of their lair and force them into the open. 

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  1. Beautiful photo of him holding the flag and love that cheeky face in the trolley.

  2. I think I should take a leaf out of your smile book - too often these things get overlooked and forgotten. I love your dandelion clock and the wee one in the trolley.

  3. Lovely! Love the picture of the wee one in his trolley! X

  4. Lovely post! Love the top photo, he looks so pleased! And the cheeky face in the trolley is brilliant :)

  5. Stunning pictures. The dandelion clock is fabulous, I love the angle.

  6. sounds like a lot of lovely reasons to smile - bluebells and dandelions clocks always make me smile too. and how wonderful for your boy to have such an honour bestowed on him , he looks very pleased x

  7. Well done to the Big One for carrying the flag, he looks so proud and rightly so. Love the trolley photo, and the zigzag of the pavement.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, the new linky is now live.


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