Saturday 7 June 2014


How fast did this week go?
How much rain was there exactly?
How much new information did my dusty brain have to take in at work?
How much coffee did I have to consume to coax my dusty brain into action?
How many pairs of new work shoes have I got my eye on?


How high?
High enough to give him a thrill, and low enough so I wasn't worried.

How far?
Far far away so a passing dog had to retrieve the frisbee.

How much do I love Instagram's new editing tools?
Not quite dramatic enough so I may have tweaked the filter a bit.

How lovely?
Simple things can be the loveliest.

How grown up?
She may still use the step for the sink but she's becoming quite the little lady.

How drunk?
Drunk enough to be silly but not so drunk to be messy.

How many years?
Mum and Dad - 50 happy years married.

And how can I stop work cutting into my IG time?

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  1. Genius! What a fabulous round up. Loving your little girl at the sink. So cute.

  2. what a pleasant post, love the question and answer layout. Like the how high, and wow at 50 years


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