Saturday 14 June 2014

Seven Signs of Summer

Toes are peeking out from sandals, ice is clinking in glasses, sun lotion stains are round the collars of clothes and my sunglasses are on. 

The best bit is I have travelled no further than the distance from my fridge to my garden to experience this lovely burst of summer. Just as well given my passport seems to have expired.

Signs of summer this week have been...

...bubbles in the garden.

... post tea-time fun and games.

... flowers in bloom (not from my garden though).

...skipping, summer dress and socks and sandals.

...sun, sun, sun with a splash of sun.

...summer cub camp. cup fever. 

(That football shirt has no sooner been washed than its on his back again. The boy is obsessed.)

Long may the sun shine and my skin be warmed by its glow (in a non-burning kind of way). It's been far too long since I had brown legs and I rather fancy a change :-)

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  1. Ooh what a gorgeous round up of summery things. It is so muc easier to take photos when the sun shines.

  2. Love your summer theme! The pics capture it just perfectly :) I wish someone would invent non staining sun cream especially with white school shirts! :)

  3. Loads of outdoor summer fun, love the sky photos and the bubbles!

  4. loving the take on your photos and summer x

  5. Great photos! I love love love the skipping photo! Post tea time fun is what summer is made for!

  6. Ahhh sunshine - it seems to have disappeared again this weekend though:( Love the sun and blue sky pics and the skipping one.


  7. such happy and summer like shots of your family. i like the bubble shot and the one of your boys playing in the garden best. here is to more of the same x


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