Saturday 21 June 2014

What I Missed

I really wasn't bothered about Britmums this year. I went last year and the year before and loved every minute of it; the opportunity to meet the faces behind the blogs I enjoy, the lessons to take home and apply to my little speck of the web, and the emotion and passion of the speakers.

But this year, I've not had the time or energy to commit to my blog, or to the relationships built through blogging. So missing Britmums wasn't a loss.

Then I started following #britmums on twitter.


I did miss out, didn't I.

Next year...

This week I missed the school picnic for Father's Day but not the family walk.

I missed getting a gorgeous girl shot. 

I missed the bees but caught the lavender.

I missed all photo opportunities so had to make something from nothing with some fun apps.

I missed giving him a goodnight kiss.

I missed the moment and then caught this moment. I don't know why either.

I miss timed how long it would take to crochet the Pom Pom trim at my upcycled lamp shade workshop. Finished now though :-)

And I missed some of my blogging idols. Especially The Boy and Me who inspires me continually to keep going with the 365project.

See you next year!

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  1. Ah, I did wonder if you'd be there and missed seeing you. We'll have to do something much more chilled out together soon x

  2. Well I'm sure you decided against going for the right reasons. You have some awesome shots there though - I love the one of your little one's feet upside down on the chair! And the gorgeous lavender.

  3. I really missed seeing your friendly face this year :o(. But hopefully next year eh? Beautiful pictures. X

  4. hope to see you next year at britmums live?

  5. Never been to Britmums *sob* but not sure my blog warrants it really. Loving all the photos this week - your edited tree looks really cool and your lampshade looks amazing.


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