Sunday 3 August 2014

7 Reasons to love where I live

The summer break has so far been spent within 10 miles of our front door.
We are very lucky in that we like where we live or this week could have been a bit of a drag!

Here are 7 reasons to love where we live:

Actually here are 100 reasons to love our manor this week. 100+ Aston Martins in the shadow of our favourite house in the county, Burghley House.

The Wee One out did himself by having a tantrum in the middle of the grand circle of astonishingly luxurious cars, shouting and screaming that he wanted to buy one. Explaining he only had £1.27 in his piggy bank did little to appease him. On sympathetic owner kindly explained that it had taken him 50 years to save up for his Aston Martin so if the Wee One kept saving his pocket money, maybe he could buy one by the time he is 50 too.

Aston Martin rally at Burghley by Fivegoblogging

The stone that prevails through Stamford and the evocative doorways, hinting at a mysterious past.

Stamford Stone by Fivegoblogging

You can be a champion cheerleader and gymnast in a small town where there aren't many cheerleaders or gymnasts! She did brilliantly even though the competition wasn't exactly hot.

Champion by Fivegoblogging

That sky, that view and nothing but a hedge to spoil it.

Rutland view by Fivegoblogging

We make our own sherry. No, we don't but the weather has been so perfect in our little micro climate that a chilled sherry as I was working one evening made perfect sense.

Sherry? Why ever not! by Fivegoblogging

The county is pretty flat which makes learning to ride a bike that little bit easier. By the way, she taught herself to ride a bike on Friday in a friend's garden. She went from not even wanting to sit on a bike, to one lesson with Daddy with a reassuring grip on the saddle, to riding the full length of the garden unaided. Seriously, how does that even happen?

Let's go ride a bike by Fivegoblogging

The town is so small that I have taken a photo of every single view, except this one. It was going to be a view of the sky, but the Wee One wanted a selfie and then I photobombed my own shot!

Photobombed selfie by Fivegoblogging

Next week is another week of being local tourists in between working. That is until Saturday when we will be Wales-bound. Cannot wait!

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  1. Which part of Wales?! Don't tell me you're there now while I'm in Cornwall?! I love the photobombed selfie, it shows how much fun you have together.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. Well, where you live sounds lovely! Can your little one come and teach my eight year old to ride please?!

  3. It sounds like a fab place to live and I really loved all your pictures.

  4. Burghley House looks amazing. Great photos! #Project365

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