Monday 25 August 2014

Scaling new heights of meh-ness

What's worse? 

The mad frenzied flurry of pre-holiday preparation, where favourite t-shirts are retrieved from under beds and quickly laundered, where you squeeze two weeks of work into one and where websites are scoured looking for in car boredom busting games for a family of 5 travelling for 5 hours?

Or the slump that follows the excited ripping open of holiday boxes of fudge, the laundry bin being consumed by every pair of underpants we possess, and the startling absence of inspiring views and excited children for daily photos. 

No I'm not sure either. 

So I apologise for the meh-ness that is this week's 365 project. 

Last inspiring view from holiday. Where will we go on the meh scale from here? Higher or lower?

I think the Wee One peeling carrots is pretty well at the top of the scale but you never know. Higher or lower?

Lower. Princess snatched a few minutes of fun with the rc car while the boys were distracted. Now, higher or lower?

Higher! This, ladies and gentlemen is an abstract, filter enhanced, bedside lamp shot at 23.57. Yep, new giddy heights. Higher or lower?

Fractionally lower I'd say but only courtesy of a sticking out tongue.

A good deal lower on the meh scale but only because, ironically, the Big One and friend climbed higher.

And to finish off the week, high on the meh scale, a shopping list. The last 5 items were added by the Big One perhaps sensing the general meh-ness and providing a solution.

May all your weeks be meh free!

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  1. My favourite two are with the remote car and climbing higher - definitely not meh!

  2. I love your Big One's attitude, excellent! We all have meh weeks, post holiday is a prime meh time. Love the abstract photo, no idea how it's a bedside lamp but am running with it.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, there's a new one live now.


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