Sunday, 17 August 2014

Five On Tour

We've been on tour.
Well technically a tour would suggest multiple locations so perhaps the hashtag I chose to use on Instagram wasn't very well thought out. But #fiveonholiday doesn't have the same cache as #fiveontour so I repeat, we've been on tour.

Wales was our location of choice, specifically Porthmadog in the North West and overlooking the Snowdonia National Park. Can I just say, "Stunning scenery!" 

But can I also just say, "Changeable weather!"

There was bonding over crabbing in the harbour, and a sunset BBQ with friends. That sand gets very cold once the sun goes down, but standing on the spot where the BBQ fizzled out is a lovely way to warm the toes. Top tip right there. 

Beaches played a key role as did the rocks over which the Wee One leapt without a thought for his paranoid mother.

And then we went to a couple more beaches just to be sure we filled the beach quota. And filled the car with sand.

Today I went back to work, Misty Moo was collected from her doggy holidays and all the possible washing machine hours were fully utilised. And we all said what a lovely time we had.

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  1. I love your holiday, the time spent on the beach looks so wonderful. Maybe you should have used the hashtag #changeableweather

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. Brilliant photos, looks like you've had such a fantastic time! We went to Porthmadog at Easter and loved the beach x

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