Friday 19 August 2011

The Great School Holiday Challenge - Week 4

Welcome to our weekly catch up of what the Five have been up to over the school holidays. This is where I should be referencing back to the list I came up with before the holidays started and keep ticking off all those great ideas we had. *Ahem*  This list is remarkably intact.

Day 22: The good news was that Daddy was going to be home by mid afternoon. The bad news was that Daddy wouldn't be home until mid afternoon. *groundhog day*

Day 23: Yay, nice weather so we headed off to Burghley to the Gardens of Surprise to make good use of the season ticket. We set off before lunch with a plan to eat a picnic before we went in. Finding no where to sit we took advantage of some partially constructed seat terraces for the Horse trials. Who needs parks or water gardens when you can have pull down seats that you can run up and down.

Day 24: For reasons best known to themselves, today was deemed to be dressing up day. We are one the very rare households that hasn't got a dressing up box (I have no idea why) so dressing up involved Mummy popping into Sukies, the local costume hire and party one stop shop, to pick up the required bits and bobs. The result of hours of bending, taping and sewing were a pair of fairy wings and a pirate's bandana. I cheated and bought the eye patch though ;-)

Day 25: MY DAY. I took a day off being Mummy today. Having seen it on Kirstie Allsopp's Homemade Home programme, I went to the Lincolnshire Home and Antiques Fair indulging my crafting, recycling, vintage and thrifty gene. It was the third day of the fair so many stalls were already packing up but it is such a large fair that there was still so much to see and of course bargains to be had. I then had a NIGHT OUT and went to Tolethorpe (a local open air theatre) to see Shakespeare's The Winters Tale. I had a lovely time just being me, suiting myself, and being selfish. *grins* *and ticks off #23* *and finds shoe tidy for the hall (see below) so ticks off #35 too*

Day 26: Back to Burghley (not bored of it yet) to the Sculpture Gardens which are amazing for their originality and ability to amuse children despite it being art and a garden. We took our cameras, one each, and chased around taking hundreds of photos of sculpture (all), the ground (Princess), the children (me) and other unknown people (the Big One). I'm going to do another post on this one because it is worthy of it. (Note to self: remember spare batteries for camera next time).

Day 27: Puddles were splashed in. Snails were tormented. And tea was drunk in large quantities. There may also have been a few DVDs.

Day 28: Paaaarty! Paaaarty! Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care. And eat cake. Nothing like a 3 year old birthday party to make you smile and hit new sugar highs!

Phew. Another exhausting week where not enough sleep was had by Mummy. Maybe next week...

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